Sunday, January 6, 2013


Sorry this email is pretty late but the libraries have been shut down for the past couple weeks because of the holidays. So it was really good to hear from you guys. Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. Haha I'm sorry I looked tired but when I was talking with you guys I just woke up from taking a nap. I still enjoyed it though. Right after I got done talking to you my companion told me we were on lockdown because there was a tornado warning. So we were stuck there for another hour. Christmas was good for me though. It didn't really feel like Christmas though. It just felt like another day for me. I guess because we didn't do too much celebrating. Oh and I'll probably have to send those pants home  because they don't fit me. They are too short for me. I guess I'm just growing too much. Everything else is fine though. Thanks. Sounds like the demolition at Grandmas is going pretty good. Sounds like you guys know what your doing. I wish I was there to help you out now that I'm a professional at demolishing houses!  I probably won't ever forget Hurricane Isaac. So many good experiences. Anyways New Years Eve was on P-Day this year so we were on lockdown starting at 6. So we had all day p-day. It was pretty fun but after a while you just start thinking of things to do because you get bored. We did go golfing though so that was fun. Except I accidentaly hit a car in the street teeing off on one of the holes. So I probably shouldn't golf anymore. I'll stick with basketball.

The 9 year old we are teaching should be getting baptized this Saturday if everything goes well. We still have to teach him a couple more lessons. So we will have to squeeze those in sometime before Saturday. This family is also not too good at remembering when we have appointments with them. Hopefully they will  remember we are coming by and not go out of town like they have done  the past couple of times. Next week I'll let you know what happens. We might have to move the baptism back another week. The other little family we are teaching is doing pretty good. They have been really sick lately so they didn't come to church. We have stopped by a couple times to see them and they still really want to come to church but they are too sick. One time only the husband was home so we got a chance to just teach him a little bit and that went really good. The family seems like they really like us and our church. Hopefully things continue to go well there. Those are really the only people we are teaching right now. Anyways I can't really think of anything else other than I'm doing pretty good. Tell Jaden I said Happy B-Day!!! 17 haha it still feels like I'm 17 sometimes. Hopefully he is tearing it up at the blue ridge tourny. Tell him I said to yurpie on them. Well can't wait to hear from you guys again. I love you so much and your always in my prayers.

Elder Tyler Willis

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