Monday, December 17, 2012

Hello Family!!
Well hope everyone is doing pretty good. I'm doing fine. This week was just another week. Nothing too exciting has happened. That's so cool to hear that Trevor got his call here. Yeah me and him were really good friends. We hung out all the time in Thatcher. So I'm pretty pumped now that he's coming here. Now I can't wait for March. Who knows maybe I'll even be his trainer. Haha. So I got your package. It's been so fun to open a little present everyday so far. The other elders also got 12 days of Christmas so we all get around and open our presents each day. Christmas should be fun this year. We have some appointments with some really cool families. So I dont know if I'll be able to email next week because the library will be closed. We might email on Sunday I'm not sure though. So if I don't email next week I'll just call you guys on Christmas and tell you to get online to Skype or what. It will probably be sometime in the early afternoon so just be looking for a phone call from a weird number. I'll probably call mom's cell phone if I can remember the number. If I do get to email I'll probably let you know some more details. But anyways this past weekend we had our ward Christmas party. We had to help the ladies set up and decorate the whole gym the day before. They were like yelling and getting mad at us because things weren't centered or there wasn't enough decorations on things. I'm just thinking to myself ...well did you think the missionaries were good at decorating things? The ward party was pretty good though. The primary kids put on a little Christmas program. I decided little kids from Louisiana are so crazy. Like if you thought the kids back home were crazy you just need to see some little cajun kids. They were just running around and screaming everywhere and while someone would be playing the piano they would just run up to it and start banging on the piano keys. Or go up to the mike and start yelling in it. I had a little headache afterward. So if the world ends on Friday I just want you to know you were a great family. Haha thats what alot of people we see down here ask us. On Sunday we had a little family we are teaching come to church. We have been teaching them the past couple weeks now. This last lesson we had was so good. They are so ready to accept the gospel. I can feel that they are so close. Hopefully things will continue to work out with them and the whole family will join the church. That would be awesome. So I'm sending off the families Christmas package today. You can open when you get it or you can wait till Christmas to open it. It doesn't matter to me whatever you guys want to do. I also sent off a letter to Jaden and Makenzie today. Hopefully they get excited for that. Well I can't think of anything else. I can't wait to talk to you guys next week. Remember you all are in my prayers. I love you.
Elder Tyler Willis

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