Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sounds like you guys had a good time at the reunion. Everyone is looking good from those pictures you sent me. Looks like everyone is growing up. Well this email will probably be pretty short because I don't have much to talk about. I can't really remember too well anything that happened this past week. Just another normal week of missionary work. Maybe I should just stop emailing you guys until I get home? How would you like that? 4 weeks without hearing from me. Haha. Anyways...so it seems like the weather here intensified this past week. Its been so hot lately. That's one of the things I wont miss about this place. When we go outside I start sweating before we get in the car. This past week we did some service for an older couple. We shoveled some dirt for them. Within probably 15 minutes my whole shirt was soaking wet. I'm pretty excited to get back to Arizona and not sweat so much. Has it been hot in Heber? Well this past week the Sister missionaries had 2 girls  like 11 and 10 get baptized. So I got to meet with them for a little bit a couple days before their baptism. They are neighbors of some members. They were going to have their neighbor baptize them but he was at girls camp with all the young women and they didn't know if he was going to be back in time. So the 2 girls wanted me to baptize them if he wasn't going to be back in time. I felt good that they were excited to find out I could baptize them. But the member ended up getting home from camp on time so he was able to baptize both of them. I didn't mind though. I would rather have their neighbor baptize them anyways because he is their fellowshipper. They were sweet girls though. I don't know if you remember my patriarchal blessing but it talks alot about stuff on my mission. Like being able to baptize someone. I think about that alot. It doesn't bother me too much but it is something I think about. I have talked to alot of people about it and I have even talked to President Wall about it in our interviews. I have received some pretty good insight about it though. Its no biggy though. When I get home I have so much stuff I want to talk to you guys about. Just like about missions or the church or just like life in general. Coming on a mission just makes you look at life in a whole different way. You just view things different. It's pretty cool. Anyways for the past few weeks we have been running alot. The member that takes us frisbee golfing every morning is training for a half marathon. He pretty much does everything for us. He likes us alot. But he takes us running with him and another member. We run 4 miles Monday and Wednesday. Then on Saturday is our big runs. We started out at 5 miles a few weeks but we go up a mile every Saturday so this past Saturday we ran 7 miles. This morning we ran 4 miles and this Saturday we will run 8 miles. We wake up at about 4 and go run. He usually takes us to a golf course that we run at. The other missionaries don't want to go alot of the times because its too early. But we go anyways. Haha. Hopefully this will get me in pretty good shape when I go home. Tell Jaden he better do some more running because I'll go running with him when I get home and we will see who is in better shape. The thing that's nice here is that its really really low elevation so breathing is really easy. In Heber my first time running I'll probably be running out of breath. Oh so I was wondering if you guys could put some money on my card. I think I'm going to start sending some stuff home in the next couple weeks. And I might want to buy a couple more souvenirs before I leave. So if you guys could do that sometime soon that would be great. And if any of you guys want anything else from here before i leave just let me know. Oh one more thing is mom i saw some papaya at walmart the other day and it made me really want a papaya drink!   Love ya
Elder Willis :)

              Tyler's Zone

Monday, June 9, 2014

May 19th
I hope you all had a good week. I bet you all are excited to be done with school. I know i would be. Its crazy how fast the year goes. It seems like just barely you guys were telling me that you were about to start school. So you guys are starting to get warmer weather? Your probably excited for that. Here its already super hot. Its killing me. I wish they would let us wear cargo shorts and sandals to proselyte in. That would be so nice. My white shirts get so sweaty. I have to wash them constantly. Well this is the last week of the transfer and then i will be in my last transfer. Its pretty exciting. So next Monday we will get transfer calls but im pretty sure im just going to finish my mission out here in St. Amant. I wouldnt mind it. I like this place. I will probably stay with Elder Gosch too. But you never know though. So ill email you guys on Tuesday. Dad i got your email about the Chiropractor. I wasnt able to go to him this past week but im planning on scheduling a couple appointments this week or something. So next week ill let you know how its going. My knee is feeling a little better. I have been using the TENS twice a day and those pills the doc gave me are working pretty good. They make me feel super drowsy though. So im always tired. It works though so i keep taking them. My knee will hurt a little every once in a while but not too often. I have been trying to start working back into it. I have been doing a little jogging every morning. That is helping my knee feel a little better because im getting the strength in my knee again. I guess its just going to take a little time. So Travis is coming home Wednesday? That is crazy. I though he left the first week of June. He must be coming home a couple weeks early. It feels like he just barely left and then not too long after him i left. Haha. It will be interesting to see how much he has changed. So Jaden and Makenzie are trying to start working out for sports next year? When i get home ill go work out with them. Ill be like their personal trainer for football and volleyball. Then they can help be my personal trainer for basketball. Well this week was a pretty good week. I went on exchanges with Elder Mapa up in Baton Rouge. It was cool to hang out with him for a few days. Just like old times. We were able to teach a couple families that he has been working with. One of the families was from Page, Arizona. They were Native American. They were supposed to get baptized this week. Then one day we went to the temple. It was good..  the work here in my area has been going pretty good. We have 1 investigator from the Gladys Knight fireside that is progressing. His name is Mike. Hes about 60. Hes actually the step dad of a couple members in the ward. So his family is all Mormon. He decided he wanted to join them all after the fireside. So he wants to get baptized like the first or second week of June. He has already quite smoking. Hes come to church a couple times already. His wife is a member too but she hasnt been in years and she is starting to come with him too. She also has quite smoking too. Its pretty cool. Thats about the most that has been going on with us here.  

June 2nd
I hope everything is going good for you all. I bet you guys are already having an awesome summer. I bet the weather is feeling nice as well. Anyways not too much is going on with me. I got a new companion. Elder Abbott from Highland, Utah. He has been out like 9 months. He seems pretty cool so far
 This week on Wednesday and Thursday it rained a ton. It rained so much that like the whole town was flooded. People say it flooded worse than a hurricane. So we had to help a couple families this past week with their flooded driveway. Our phone ended up getting wet while we were helping this older lady and its broken now. We have been without a phone for the past few days. Thats about my week. I cant wait to see you guys in 5 weeks. Im excited! Hopefully you guys are just as excited. Its crazy how close its coming. Its hard to stay focused when you know you only have a month or so. Its like in the gospel when you have to endure to the end. Thats what its like for me right now. Its weird to think im going to be at home in no time. I have just been in this type of lifestyle for so long its weird to think i am going to have to change my lifestyle again soon. Anyways.. I love you guys.