Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dec. 10th, 2012

Well another week down--- 5 months gone....time is going by fast. So mom you're getting up there in the numbers now?  Haha happy late birthday!  You are the best. Thanks for everything.  Well I'm doing pretty good. We had another slow week with lessons--- 1 lesson this week.  It was a sweet lesson though.  We met this family at the flea market. They were way excited about coming to church but then they got sick so they didn, t end up coming. Hopefully we will be able to see them this week and teach them more. So I have been sick the past couple days. I guess there is a cold going around. I've had a super bad sore throat. I still have those emergen-c things you sent me a while ago. I've already drank like 5 of those the past couple days. I should be fine though. So in our ward my companion and I are pretty much getting forced into singing in the choir. I never thought I would sing in a choir. It's alright though.  The past couple days here have been pretty warm. It's crazy. I never thought I would have to turn the a/c on in December. Sometimes I wish it could be snowing just so I can feel the cold weather again. Anyways nothing too exciting happened this week. Just a normal week. Let's see I did fix a homeless guys bike though. This guy was a little slow but anyways his pedal fell off and I fixed it for him. Then he kept asking me for an estimate of how long it would last him. I was like it should last for a while. He asked me that like 5 times. Then he started telling me how good of shape he is in. He was like I can do 37 pushups. I was like oh yeah? Then he was like want to have a contest. I said sure. So he only does 20 pushups. Then I just do 21 pushups real quick. He was trying to tell me how I cheated. I'm just like I tell him to keep on doing those pushups and I'll come back later and we will have another contest. So that was really the only interesting thing that happened to me this week. Let's see we did go visit this one guy and he was just chilling on the couch with just his underwear on the whole time. So that was super awkward. Christmas is coming up fast. I bet you all are super excited for Christmas time. Being a missionary during Christmas is great because it's a great time to share a message about Jesus Christ and some people will actually want to hear it. . I didn't get your package yet but I should be getting it pretty soon. I'm still working on the family package. Hopefully I should get it done this week. Anyways can't wait to hear back from you again.    Love you!
Elder Willis

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