Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Well sounds like things are going good. Well transfers are tomorrow and everything is staying the same. I'm with the same companion again and the other elders I live with are staying too. One of them is leaving in the middle of this transfer so in a few weeks we will have a change in our apartment. It should be good to change things around for a little bit. After a while people start to get pretty annoying. I thought for sure my comp. would be getting transfered because he has been here for 9 months now. So I'm trying to send off a package to you guys today or tomorrow. It has my pants in it and some other stuff I got down in New Orleans. You can get me new pants or get me whatever you want. New Orleans was fun. We went to the french market and the river walk. We aren't aloud to go into the french quarter or bourbon st. It's too wicked down there. And really gross. It was still super fun though. So I couldn't get you guys pictures this week. I'll try to send some next week. Right now we are at the LSU library. This morning we went and played bball with some missionaries in Baton Rouge. And were hanging out with the Zone leaders for the day. So nothing too crazy happened this week. We were kinda busy this week so we didn't get to see alot of people. On Wednesday we had a conference with Elder Packer. Not Boyd K. Packer but his son Allen F. Packer. He is in the Seventy. That was pretty neat to listen to him and see what he had to say. It was good and really enjoyed it. Then on Friday we went to the Temple. I finally got to go on my mission. Haven't been to the temple in 6 months. Haha. The Baton Rouge temple is really small. Way smaller than the Snowflake temple. Going to the temple was really good. It reminded me of in the summer when just me and mom would go every week before I left. Those are memories I'll cherish forever. We did get to go see the family we are teaching. They haven't been to church since the first time they came about a month ago. When we go over there we have super sweet visits with them and we commit them to come to church but then on Sunday they never show up. They had a date for Feb. 2 but I don't think that will be able to happen. We will have to push it back a little bit. So we will just have to wait and see what happens with them. So the other day something sweet happened. There's this family in our ward. The dad is a member. He's super solid and he loves the missionaries. He's probably one of the coolest people I've met so far down here. His wife is not a member though. She comes to church every sunday. She's been coming for like the past 2 years. She even has an assignment for achievement day I think. And they have two little daughters. The wife just doesn't get baptized for some reason. So they scheduled us for dinner tomorrow night. So the other day he calls us to confirm our dinner for tomorrow. Then he's like would it be okay if you guys taught the lessons to my wife too. I guess his wife wants to hear the lessons and he thinks she is ready to hear the lessons. She is super cool too. She really likes us alot. So we are pretty excited to start teaching her. So he thinks she ready to hear the lessons from us. We are super excited for this. I'll keep you guys informed with everything. Other than that nothing much is going on. That was pretty much my week. I always keep you all in my prayers. I love you.

Elder Tyler Willis

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