Monday, January 28, 2013


Hope everyone is doing okay. I'm doing pretty good. I don't know how good my email will be because we are kind of in a rush. This morning one of the members took us crawfish fishing or crawfishing. Whatever you want to say it as. It was pretty fun. We went out by one of the bayous. We just had to bait the nets and put them in the bayou. Then after like 20 minutes we went back and pulled them up. We ended up catching quite a few crawfish. So right now the member that took us is boiling them up at his house so right after we are done emailing we are going to go over there and having a crawfish boil. It made me feel like I was an actual southern boy. Kind of like Huckleberry Finn...haha. Anyways it's been super hot here this past week. It's been in the 80's I think. I guess it's only cold for December and January. It already feels like summer time. So last night one of the families in the ward invited us over for dinner because it was their dog's birthday. This family is super sweet so they pretty much find every excuse to invite us over. It's like their work and glory to take us down to New Orleans one of these days. So probably pretty soon I will be going down to Nawlins again. We have alot of sweet members in our ward. There are some people I want to go visit like everyday. And then there are other members in the ward that I don't really like at all. They don't give me the time of day. It's hard to love everyone but I guess that's something I need to work on. Lets we are still teaching Sis. Dubois. We had a super sweet lesson last Wednesday about Joseph Smith. It's kinda weird because we don't leave any commitments or invite her to do anything. We kinda don't even really teach her. We just teach the whole family. So we will probably be teaching the Plan of Salvation on Wednesday. This should be huge lesson because I think the only reason she doesn't get baptized is because when she was a teenager her mom died and her mom was a catholic. So I think she feels like if she got baptized she would be letting her mom down or something. That's crazy that basketball is already over for feels like baskeball just ended for me and that was a year Speaking of basketball I think I'm actually going to go play some basketball today with my zone. That's always fun. Anyways I can't reallly think of anything else. I'll probably have some more stuff to say next week. Hopefully. you!

Elder Tyler Willis

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