Monday, February 4, 2013


Hope everyone is doing good. I'm doing fine. Sounds like you guys have been pretty busy. I got your package the other day and I probably already ate half of it. I needed some semi-healthy cereal. All we have in our apartment is sugary cereal. All those years of complaining of healthy cereal and now I'm glad I have some. So we have a little change in our aparmtent. One of the other Elders is going home a couple weeks early so he's leaving this week. It will be a little different with him gone. All 4 of us have been together for 4 months now. We had a pretty good bond between us all. All 4 of us were kind of like a little gang in our zone. So the other Elder is getting a new companion. He's already with us. He's going to Brazil and waiting for his visa to come so he will be living with us until he gets his visa. So now we have 5 people living in our apartment. just send whatever kind of slacks you want. As long as they are not light colored. The super bowl hype wasn't too crazy where I'm at. Everyone is just getting ready for Mardi Gras next week. Anyways this past week was a pretty good week. The work in our area is starting to pick up now. Things with Sis Dubois are going good. We had a really good lesson with her this past Wednesday. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was really strong there. At the end of the lesson we watched a little video clip and I think that touched her pretty good. She still is moving forward slowly. Bro Dubois told us that they all read the scriptures as a family but he can't get her to read on her own. I think that is one of the reasons that is  holding her back is that she won't read the Book of Mormon. That's the ticket...if a person will just read the Book of Mormon they will progress so much faster. That's why when I teach people I try to put so much focus on reading the B of M and gaining a testimony of it. As I look back on all the people I have taught that didn't really progress or have dropped us is because they didn't read the B of M. So I think this next lesson we are going to take a different route and just have a lesson on Faith and gaining faith by reading the Book of Mormon. A couple days ago we got a media referral for this guy that wanted the Book of Mormon so we go over there and he already knew everything about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. He seems like a super sweet guy and he wants to learn more from us. We will just have to see how things will go with this guy. There also is this Hispanic family that moved into the area from Texas and the wife is a member and the husband isn't.  They all came to church and he told us he wants to get baptized and he wants us to come over and teach him and stuff. So right now we got a few good things going for us. So the other day we were talking to this guy from the other ward that works for Dome Technology. And he's asking where we're from and he's like Heber Arizona?  I built the dome school there. I'm like no way that's where my mom works. He lived in Heber for like 8 months while they were building the school. He also built the dome in Payson and the dome in Whiteriver. I was like yeah I've played basketball in both of those domes. So I can say I know the guy that built all the domes around there. That was pretty much my week. Nothing too crazy has happened. Well can't wait to hear from you guys again. I love you and your in my prayers.

Elder Willis

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