Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feb. 11. 2013


Hope everyone is doing good. It's crazy to hear about everyone going on missions now. I guess we just grow up so fast :)  It sounds like it's been pretty cold over there. It's been pretty nice here but the past few days it's been raining pretty bad. It's pretty crazy when it rains here because all the bayous will over flow and everything will start flooding. So this past week was a pretty good one. Just a normal missionary week I guess. Our lesson with Sis Dubois was so-so. We had a lesson on faith and I think we probably over did it a little too much. Just a whole lesson on faith can make someone really bored. So I don't know what to do anymore. I don't know what she needs. We are running out of lessons to teach her too. I think this week were going to try and get the kids involved and have like a review jeopardy game of all the things we have taught so far. We thought our lesson on faith would be a really good one for her. But during the lesson I was just thinking to myself...this is not what she needs. After the lesson I was just super frustrated because I know there is something we need to teach her that she needs but we can't figure it out yet. So I guess I need to do some more praying and studying and try to find out what she needs. We will just have to wait and see what happens with them.  I still think she is slowly progressing forward even though it might not seem like it. So the hispanic family that moved into our area from Texas is super sweet. We had dinner with them on Saturday night. They made some good soft chicken tacos. I haven't had some good authentic mexican food since I've been here. I'll admit that I miss mom's mexican food even though I didnt really care for it back home. Haha. We don't eat mexican food here besides Taco Bell. Anyways we are probably going to start teaching the father soon. The family loves us. They want us over like every other night for dinner now. So do you guys remember those Mangos on a stick with the red sauce and the chili powder that we would get on the beach down in Rocky Point that were super good?? I asked this family about them and they know how to make them so next time we go over there they are going to make those for us. So there is this Sister missionary that came home from her mission. She's from here in Gonzales. She came up to us at church and started talking to us and said she got back from the Arizona Tucson mission. I was like where all did you serve and she was like Tucson, Benson, Morenci, and her last area was Pima/Central. I was like no way I have family in Central. I was like do you know Renee and Joey Layton? She was like yeah. In fact she just had dinner over at there house. So that was pretty crazy. She knew Justin and Jacob and alot of other people that I knew from Central. Small world huh? Her name is Sis. Goldsmith. During her talk she was talking about the areas she served in and she was like  "my last area was the Gila Valley which is pretty much the Celestial Kingdom." So that was pretty cool. The other day I was washing some clothes and when I came down to change them there was like an inch of water all over the floor. I guess our washing machine got clogged up. So we had to scoop a ton of water out of our apartment. That wasn't very fun. Anyways I don't have anything else to talk about. Can't wait to hear from you again. Remember your always in my prayers.

Elder Willis <3

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