Monday, February 25, 2013


Hope everyone is doing good. I'm doing pretty good. My week went by pretty fast probably because we were super busy with meetings and stuff. So I watched the video of Ashlee and that's so cool. Make sure to tell her that I told her congrats and she will tear it up out there. I'm really excited for her. I was hoping she would read Louisiana Baton Rouge mission but that didn't happen. Oh well...she got called there for a reason. It's crazy that there will be 3 of us out on missions at the same time. We just need Justin out here now. So I did get those pants and they are  a little too big. I was pretty upset. I just have had the hardest time finding pants that fit me. I guess I might try to go to Penny's and  exchange them for different ones or if not I might just have to end up sending them back home. So this past week our lesson with Sis Dubois was pretty sweet. We had a lesson where we read in the scriptures of the prophets testifying of Christ..and when they were personally visited by Christ. Then we watched  the Lamb of God. I thought it went super good. Probably one of the better lessons we had. I think she is starting to open up more and participate in the lessons. Before she would not participate. She would just sit back and listen. So I think we are making a little progress. Yeah all Bro. Dubois wants is to get sealed as a family. He grew up in the church but fell away. Then a few years ago the bishop extended a calling to him even though he was never coming to church. He accepted the calling and started coming back to church. He ended up baptizing his daughter and he went through the temple. He's super solid now. Now they are just waiting for Sis Dubois to join so they can get sealed. I do believe in late bloomers. Even as members of the church.... we just have to be patient and see what happens. This past weekend I got to do some fun stuff. So I didn't end up going to the fireside BYU was having. I got to do something even better. I got to go to the game. Actually I went to 2 games. I went to the BYU-LSU games on Thurs night and Sat night. The first game a member took us and BYU was winning most of the game then in the bottom of the 9th LSU came back and won it. It was intense. Then on Sat night we went as like a zone activity. BYU crushed LSU like 9-4 or something like that. BYU has some studs on their team. I think LSU was even ranked like 3rd in the nation or something like that. But it was way sweet. It made me miss baseball a little bit. We had to wear our suits to the game though so we were getting all kinds of people looking at us funny. On our way out of the Sat night game we had all kinds of people yelling at us and swearing at us because BYU beat them. LSU sports are so crazy. People here are way into their sports. It was so hard not to yell back at them. They did yell at us and tell us we had nice suits. I'm pretty sure they were being sarcastic but I'll take it as a compliment. Anyways that was pretty much my week. We are still trying to work with a couple people that have potential but it's a slow process. I love y'all. :)

Elder Willis <3

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