Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Sounds like everything is going good. I'm doing good. That's so cool you went to Elder Petersons talk. I mean Blake haha. Yeah he told me he was going to make a shout out for me in his talk but I guess he didn't. I didn't know his companion he was talking about but he told me all kinds of funny stories from that companion. He did say he was going to come to my homecoming talk but that's a while away so we will just have to see about that. There are a few missionaries from Arizona mainly from the Valley. My Zone leader is from Az. So my week went by pretty fast. It was a pretty crazy week. The family we were teaching dropped us....we went over there to visit them and they were just like we decided we are going to go back to our old church. That was shocking for us...they had a baptismal date for Feb. 2nd. I don't understand how someone can know of the truth and feel the Spirit testify the truth to them then decide to go against it. I guess that's why it's super important to continue to keep commitments and read the Book of Mormon daily. Hopefully someday they will come back around. So the Dubois family (The way your saying it is probably way different than what it actually is) we started teaching the mom. It went super good. We teach the whole family while we are there even though it's mainly just for her. Bro. Dubois told us we can't let anyone know about teaching his wife. We can't even put it on our missionary reports. It kinda feels like we are on some top secret mission to get her baptized. He doesn't want the ward to know and go up to her and put her on the spot about it and then scare her off. The past couple weeks I have been studying harder than before just so I can teach her as best as I can. I feel like I can't let Bro. Dubois down...so your prayers will help :) He told us on Sunday that his wife said that after we taught her that things are starting to make sense to her now. So that's a good sign. This past week we got a call from this guy that said he had been a member his whole life and he just moved into the area and wanted to meet us. We met him at the church and sat down and started talking to him. Then he was like I have a few questions I wanted to ask you guys. He's like so Moroni told Joseph Smith where the gold plates were and he then translated them through the power of God? We're like yeah...he's like tha'ts not true.....I just thought to myself "Oh boy...here we go" Haha. He has all these papers that are Anti-Mormon articles. He has been studying this anti stuff for like 3 years. Some of the stuff he had was actually pretty good anti stuff that I never heard before. I'm trying to show him all these scriptures to prove him wrong but he won't really listen to us. The only thing I can really do is just bear my testimony and tell him none of that's true. He asked me what if this stuff is actually true and the church has been hiding these things from us all these years. I told him if this church isn't true I would be glad to go live in Hell. So eventually after like almost 2 hours of this we get out of there. Haha. I think my companion was a little shaken up after that experience. It didn't shake me up at all. I actually feel like it strengthened my testimony even more. So other than that that was pretty much my week. Can't wait to hear back from you guys. I love you all.

Elder Tyler Willis

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