Monday, January 7, 2013


Sounds like you guys had another crazy week. Well it doesn't sound like the basketball team is doing too good.  I can't write much because in a little while we are going down to New Orleans. One of our members is taking us down there to go see the French Market and everything. So it should be pretty fun. This past Saturday we did have our baptism. It went pretty good. The cool thing is that during the program and everything the kid's mom that isn't a member started crying. I think it was because one of the bishopric was talking on eternal families so hopefully that hit her pretty hard and she felt the spirit. So now we just hope and pray that that experience will soften her heart and she will get baptized. I mean if that experience won't inspire her to get baptized I don't know what will. And also the other family we are teaching is doing good. We went and taught them the other day and had a super sweet lesson with them. The spirit was so strong in that lesson. The funny thing is that they have this little dog that likes to bite your hand and play with you so this little dog is just all over me trying to bite my hand while I'm trying to challenge them to be baptized. So I'm beating this dog off while I'm trying to teach them so that was pretty crazy. So now they have a date for Feb. 2nd. Hopefully things continue to go good with that family. They are super sweet. Well transfers are next week. So I'll email you on Tuesday. My companion will probably be getting transfered. So I'll let you know what's going down next week. Sorry my letter is so short we are just in a hurry. Oh and next week I'll try and send you some pictures from the baptism and stuff. I love you all and your in my prayers.

Elder Willis

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