Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Transfer---New Town & New Companion


Well I'm in my new area. I'm in Gonzales... little south of Baton Rouge. It's a nice town. There are 2 wards here and 2 sets of elders. My companion is Elder Damron. He is from Idaho and has only been out about 6 more months than me. He is pretty cool. He likes sports so we got that in common. All 4 of us missionaries live together. We have a 2 story apartment so it's pretty nice. It's fun being with another set of missionaries. I know Matthew said the favorite part of his mission was living with another set of missionaries. I can see why he said that. It's pretty fun. Haha.... I think sometimes we might have a little too much fun together. The first couple days here were tough but I'm getting more comfortable now. The members here are awesome. My area is a pretty wealthy area too. We have our groceries paid for so that's sweet. I guess the members love the missionaries here. The work here is pretty slow though just like it is all over Louisiana. Oh well it's just something I have to deal with. We have dinner appointments here almost every night which is sweet. I really think I'm going to like it in this area. I also found out there is a family in my ward from Snowflake and I knew 2 of their kids. It's the Bonhams. I knew their son Michael and Joe. Joe was in my Efy group and I knew Michael from basketball. So they had us over for dinner last night. Joe wasn't there because he is at college but he will be home for Christmas so hopefully I'll be here for Christmas so I'll be able to see him.  Michael is back in Arizona right now. Yeah small world huh? Haha anyways nothing really happened this week except for transfers. My old companion was pretty ticked he had to stay in Opelousas because it's a super slow area. I think he was a little bummed out that I got transferred  because he really liked me. He would always tell me that his prayers were answered and that he finally got a companion he really liked. That's crazy that football is already over for Jaden. It seemed like the football season just started. I guess it's time for basketball to start. I miss playing sports so much. Just continue to keep me updated with sports and stuff. And if you could sometime send me some jackets or sweaters to wear. Lately it has been getting a little nippy. Ones that I can wear with missionary clothes and ones with normal clothes too. Sorry this letter wasn't too exciting because this week was a crazy week. Hopefully next week I'll have some more cool stories to tell. Anyways you're in my prayers always.
Love Elder Willis

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