Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey Family!!
How is everyone? Hope everyone is doing fine! I'm doing pretty good. Another week has gone by. I've already been out 3 months!! What?!! It's going by so fast. Haha well anyways conference was awesome. We just watched it in our branch building. It was pretty much us and the Sisters and 2 other people. The missionary announcement was pretty crazy. Alot more missionaries will be serving now. It just shows how much the Lord needs his missionaries and how important this work is. That whole Saturday morning session was kinda alot about missionary work. Yeah Nelson's talk was pretty cool. Ask the missionaries....haha whenever he was saying that I was just thinking to myself would I be able to answer those kinds of questions? I think my favorite talk was Holland's. He always gives such good talks. So I'm sending our family a letter today. I wrote one for each person in our family. Except Matthew because he doesn't live at home. :) But this week was pretty good. We had some pretty good lessons this week. We had 4 lessons this week!!!!!!! That's like a record for us!! :) One of the lessons was to a family of 3. They are so sweet. They just love us so much. They have a baptisimal date for Nov. 10. So hopefully in this next month or so we will be having a baptism for this family. They have been coming to church and they came to conference with us and they loved it so much. It's like the best feeling in the world when you help someone into this gospel. Even though I have had some pretty hard times out here so far I have also had some of the best times when I help someone gain their own testimony. It just builds my own testimony seeing someone elses testimony grow. That's crazy that Mitchell is going to Hawaii. That would be so sweet.  We write each other every week so he told me and I have been trying to help him through this. We are just open with each other about our problems and try to help each other through it. I'm so grateful that he is out here with me because  it helps me to know that he is out here doing the same thing I am doing.  Don't get me wrong...  it's still really hard at times but not too extreme. I'm doing fine. Anyways if you dont mind can you put some money on my ATM card :) I really don't have any money. My church card is almost out cause I have spent most of it on just the little things I need. Like I need some money for food.  We don't have any food in our apartment. I haven't had breakfast at all this week. For lunch and dinner I have just been having crackers. I really don't even know how I'm still alive right now. So if you could help me out with some money I would appreciate it and maybe I can buy you guys some cool stuff from here and send it home. Oh and a few days ago I got a package from  a Heber/Overgaard Community Thank You box. That's who it said it was from. It had a bunch of different snacks and stuff in it. So I dont know who it's from but I'm thankful for them because those are the snacks I ate to survive through this week with food. Anyways you guys take care. I'm thankful for all your prayers. I love you.
Elder Tyler Drake Willis

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