Saturday, October 6, 2012

E-mail from Oct 1, 2012


Wow...another week down huh?! Thats crazy...time just seems to fly by sometimes.  I hope you all are doing fine. Anyways just a normal missionary week. Nothing really happened this past week. We are done with the hurricane clean up...thank goodness. I finallly got to go back to church this Sunday. I love going to my branch it's so cool. It's way different than going to a ward.  Since I have been here we have never started on time. We usually don't get started until like 10 after the hour. So branches are just so laid back. General Conference is this weekend!! Boo-Yah! Im so pumped for general conference. Back home I didn't really get that excited for general conference but now as a missionary it just pumps me up. It should be awesome. So a few days ago something crazy happened to me. So my companion finally gets his bike fixed up so he wants to ride it that night. So we decide to ride our bikes for the night. So we are riding around going to a couple peoples houses. It's like 8 at night now. So we decide to go see one more person. My companion can't remember where he lives but I'm like I remember where he lives so just follow me. I'm just cruising along on my bike leading the way and I reach the person's house. I get off my bike and look back and my companion is just gone. So I'm like okay I'll just wait a little bit and maybe he will show up. I'm just standing outside for like 15 minutes by myself and he never shows up. I'm like okay well maybe I should go look for him. I start riding around and I can't find him. Then  I'm just like okay I can't find him so I'll just go get a milkshake at burger king right down the road. So I just ride my bike to burger king by myself. While I'm riding he just shows up out of nowhere and he's like I thought I knew a faster way and I got lost. I was pretty upset at him for not just following me. Anyways that was pretty much my week. I'm still doing pretty good. Sometimes I have those struggles that most missionaries have but I don't let it tear me down too bad. Can't wait to hear from you again.   I love you all and miss you.

Elder Willis :)

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