Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Sounds like the wedding went well. Thats awesome! I'm so happy for Matt and Helen. Well last night I got a call that I'm being transferred tomorrow. It was pretty surprising because I have only been in Opleousas 2 transfers. Things were just starting to get going in our area too. Oh well....so it will be exciting to find out what area I'll be in now. I'll let you know my new address and everything next week. So don't be sending me anything this week. I tried packing this morning and it was hard. I just got the suit cases out and I'm like "where do I even start?" Haha anyways this week was a pretty good week. It went by fast. It's still like 90 degrees here. I guess it doesn't start cooling down until like December. I got a couple cool stories this week. The first one is me and my companion were in Target getting some stuff.  This guy comes up and asks us if we are mormon missionaries. We are like yeah..so we start having a little friendly conversation. He talks about Mitt Romney and just what we believe. We had to correct him on what we believed. By the way this guy is a Catholic. So what started as a friendly conversation turned into this guy bashing on the mormon missionaries and trying to tell us we are wrong. Then he asks me if Joseph Smith practiced polygamy. I said "Our church believes...." Then he just interrupted me and was like No I asked you a question! Did he practice polygamy? Now he really ticked me off. So with a little anger in my voice I looked him straight in the eyes and told him Yes he practiced polygamy. It was commanded of God at the time. Then he started going off about something else. So the whole time I was just squeezing the shopping cart as hard as I could praying that I would have the strength to not punch this guy in the face. I felt disgusted the whole time and right then I felt again that our church was the true church. So that was a pretty crazy experience. The other one is like the complete opposite. So my companion had to go to an eye appointment in Baton Rouge. So that morning getting ready to leave I had a strong urge to bring a copy of the Book of Mormon with me. I just thought I didn't need it cause we were just going to an eye appointment but I brought one with me anyways. So while I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting for my companion to get done. I'm just reading the Book of Mormon. This older guy sits across from me and he asks me what I'm reading. I tell him the Book of Mormon and he asks me what it is and everything. So I tell him where it came from and I gave him a run down of the restoration. Then I tell him he can have this copy. He was like I don't want to have your book. I told him to read the intro and if he is interested he can have it. So he starts reading and reading and reading and reading. He just reads for like 45 min. I just look at him and I say it's yours. He looked at me and said Thank you. Thank you so much. It was awesome. I know the spirit prompted me to bring the Book of Mormon. Well that was pretty much my week. I'm still moving along! I love you and you're in my prayers.

Elder Willis


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