Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sounds like everything is going good so far with the wedding. Sounds pretty crazy though too. Well I'm doing pretty good. Honestly the weeks are just going by so fast. It seems like everyday is P-Day. Haha. So the regular season is over? What seed is the team going in as? Jaden got an interception!!!! Wow....I remember when I got lots of those :) Maybe by the time he is a senior he can break my record. I guess I'll have to teach him some stuff. Well my week was pretty good. Last P-Day it was my comp's birthday so we got a few other elders and we all went ice skating. Yes there is an ice skating rink in Louisiana. It was fun but I ate it pretty hard a couple times. I'll have to send a video of all the times I fell. It was fun though. After a while I got the hang of it. This week was pretty slow with our lessons. We only taught 2 lessons this week. That's pretty much a normal week for us. But those 2 lessons were way good. The family that has a baptisimal date for Nov. 10 is doing pretty good. We taught them this past week and it went so good. They know the church is true. The wife was like the sooner I get baptized the better and the the husband was like I don't have to get baptized in the Bayou do I?   haha it was funny. So hopefully everything continues to go well with them. Then they told us to go see their moms. So we go visit their moms and they are so interested in the church. They want to come to church and want us to teach them. They told us they see the change in their kids so they want to see what's different about our church. So it will be cool to teach them also. Other than that it was pretty much just a normal week. We had dinner with a member a couple nights ago and had some gumbo with duck so that was a little different. Today I get to go play some basketball. Yayy...I love playing basketball. Every chance I get I'm trying to play basketball. I can't think of anything else to write... Transfers are next week. I'm pretty sure I'm staying where I'm at again. My companion might get transfered. I don't know we will have to see what happens. Our church cards don't get money on them until the first of the month. But I should be good for the next couple weeks. Thanks for putting money on my card. If you want anything from over here just let me know and I'll send you guys something. Just continue to keep me updated on the family and sports and everything. I love hearing about everyone :) well I cant wait to hear from you guys again.   I love you!

Elder Willis

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