Monday, November 5, 2012

How's the family doing? Sounds like the reception went well. That's good to hear. Wish I could have been there with you all but I have to be calling people to repentance down here. Haha   Anyways I'm doing pretty good. My new area is pretty sweet. The people here are more friendly than my last area. Even though this area is a little more slow with missionary work than my last area. We didn't teach any lessons this week. :(  That's just a normal week for Louisiana. We just see a bunch of less actives. It's ok though. Yeah the LSU - Alabama game was huge down here. That's all people talked about this whole week. Saturday night it was hard for us to go see anybody because everyone was watching the game. The town was like a ghost town because nobody was out on the streets. So we just had to go see the super old members that don't watch football. Then LSU lost so everyone was pretty grumpy at church. I think I heard more at church about Les Miles then about gospel stuff.  Haha  People down here sure do love their football. So some crazy stuff that happened this week. We were helping some older members put a tarp on their roof so the rain wouldn't get in the house. This area we were in was a pretty ghetto area. So we were just working and I look over across the street and there are these 2 little  kids fighting over a bike. One of them wouldn't get off so the other one starts punching him and takes the bike. Then the other one starts running after him and tackles him and starts punching him. These kids are probably like 9. Then this girl around like 12 comes and starts beating on both of them and swearing at them. Haha  It was intense. Then this big  women I'm guessing the mother comes out and grabs the girl and just starts beating her. The little girl just starts screaming but the women keeps beating her. And the women is just swearing at her and smacking the girl. I'm just standing there watching the whole thing and I'm just in shock.  How do these people live like this?  I'm glad I was raised in a good home. This other time we were eating at a older couple's house and they are just straight up crazy. They fed us spaghetti with hard boiled eggs in the sauce. It was interesting but I still ate everything. So then she brings out brownies and I'm like okay something normal. She sets them down and she was like oh I forgot the salsa!  At least that's what I thought she said so I'm thinking noooo way am I eating brownies with salsa. Luckily she said something different so it wasn't salsa.  Haha   It's just so hard to understand people down here. I'm still trying to learn the language.  Haha   Anyways that was my week. Oh I did get Aunt Laurie's package. It was awesome!  Make sure to tell her I loved it. That's cool to hear about Tyler and Cy.  Brazil would be an intense mission. Am I going to be the only missionary from Heber to ever go to the Deep South?!   I guess only the best can make it down here.   Haha. Well I love you all and you're in my prayers.
Elder Tyler Drake Willis

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