Monday, November 26, 2012

So sounds like a crazy week for everyone!! Glad to hear that everyone is doing pretty good though. So sounds like the basketball team didn't do too good. Is Jaden wearing number 11?? Hopefully he is so he can keep the tradition alive. The other day during studies I just wore my basketball shoes around during the morning because I miss basketball so much..... Haha tell Jaden to write me a letter about basketball so I can give him some advice. Some advice that I wished I would have used back when I was playing. So tell him to write me. I haven't heard from him in like 3 months. Haven't heard from Makenzie in a while either!! :(     Did all you guys forget about me or something? Haha you can tell Jaden that Reed writes me more than he does. Anyways my week went by pretty fast. Nothing too exciting happened this week. Another week with no lessons. We still don't have any investigators. This is how our whole mission is. All the missionaries I talk to only have like 1 or 2 investigators. I'ts true when people say the south is one of the toughest missions. I have heard that the south and Eastern Europe are the toughest missions in the world. I don't know. I bet there are still alot of really tough missions out there. I try to not let it affect me too much. I try to look for the good in everything even when we can't find anybody to talk to. Sometimes even the members don't want to talk to us.  Oh well.....So thanksgiving was pretty good. We ended up only eating at 2 houses because we were so full. Thanksgiving here is just like it is back home. Regular food like turkey and potatoes and gravy. But here the women sit outside to eat while the men sit inside at the table to eat. I don't know if they always do that but that's what they were trying to tell us they do down here. It's kinda weird. Then after we just stayed and played some board games with them. It was pretty fun. That was like for lunch and then for dinner we went to another family and ate with them. The father served his mission in Dallas and he actually served in Denton for a while so that was pretty neat. And he knows where Parker College is and everything. So my thanksgiving wasn't anything too crazy. Now it's time for Christmas. :)   So my comp is Elder Damron from Idaho. He has been out 10 months now. He is pretty cool.  We get along pretty good. We have a little nerf hoop in our room so right after we plan at night we play a game of 21. It gets pretty intense. We pretty much just try to dunk on each other every single time. I'ts fun. Anyways nothing much else happened this week. So you can tell Matthew I have seperate B of M and Bible but they are both regular size. And for my jacket just a black one that I can wear proselyting. It doesn't matter what kind or anything. Just get me whatever you think is best. If there is anything else just let me know. Next week is transfer week again so I'll email on Tuesday probably. Well anyways take care. Your always in my prayers.
Elder Tyler Willis

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