Monday, November 12, 2012

Sounds like everyone is doing good. That's good to hear. So sounds like some pretty crazy stuff has been happening over there lately in Az. That's cool to hear about Alyssa getting married. It seemed like just yesterday I was choking her and we had to get sent to the office. Haha. Cy is going to Arkansas? That's way sweet. It's actually the Jackson, Mississippi Mission that covers the northern part of Louisiana. Still he is not too far from me. Anyways I'm doing pretty good. Nothing too much has happened this week. I like this area better than my last area. Time is going by faster in this area too. My first 2 transfers in Opelousas went by pretty slow because the work was really slow and there really wasn't much stuff to do either. I talk to people here and they are like "Where did you serve before?" I'm like Opelousas and there like I'm sorry.....haha I'm just like I know right?!  But this transfer has been going by alot faster. I think time is just going to start to fly by now. So it snowed a little bit already? haha that's crazy! It's still like in the 80's here. I think it should start cooling down soon......hopefully. You can tell Makenzie that I'm getting super tan because I'm always in the hot sun :) She probably won't like to hear that though. Anyways so this Saturday we should be having a baptism! It's a 9 year old kid  and his dad wants him to get baptized so we have to teach him all the lessons before this Saturday. This will be my first baptism.   I'll take some pictures at the baptism and send them to you next week. This past week we had dinner at this member who is from like Vietnam or something and she fed us fried bamboo. Yup....I ate bamboo. It's actually pretty good. She told me to tell my mom that I ate wood. So that was interesting. I also had a gator burger this past week. It was pretty good but I much rather prefer a regular burger. I have eaten all kinds of crazy stuff so far. I'm pretty sure when I come home I won't be scared to eat Tostados anymore :) So I have been playing alot of basketball lately. For some reason all I want to do is play basketball. Every morning I wake up at like 5:30 and I try to get the other elders in my apartment to get up and go play basketball with me at the chapel. If they don't want to play with me I try to get the Spanish elders in our area to come play with me. Usually a few of the elders will come with me and play basketball. Anyways I can't really think of anything else I wanted to tell you guys. Oh yeah so Thanksgiving is coming up and we have like 5 dinner appointments. So the few days before I probably won't eat anything at all. Haha yeah so I'll have to see what kind of crazy experiences I get this week. Anyways I love you and miss you all! Your always in my prayers.
Love Elder Willis

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