Monday, November 19, 2012

How y'all are?? Hahah well sounds like everything has settled down over there. That's nice to hear. Well my week went by fast. Nothing too exciting has happened this week. Just a normal missionary week. We only taught 1 lesson this week. We currently don't have any investigators. It's tough.....we can't find anybody to teach. We don't do any tracting. Tracting is pretty much pointless in the south. The only way we get investigators is from members but the members aren't hooking us up with any referrals right now. So we just visit members and less actives all day. Yeah so our baptism didn't go through either. The Dad had to go to New York for a while. So we didn't get a chance to teach his son at all. Even if he does end up getting baptized it probably won't be for another couple weeks or so. I don't think the dad cares about his son getting baptized anymore. It kinda was just the spur of the moment that he wanted him to get baptized. I don't know we will just have to wait and see hopefully everything will work out. So lately it has been getting pretty cold. We went to this older ladies house one night and she opened the door and she was like "Where is your jacket?" I was like I don't have one...She pretty much freaked out on me because I didn't have a jacket. So she just left us at her house while she went to walmart and she bought me a jacket. So everytime we go to her house I have to wear my jacket even if it is warm enough to not wear a jacket. Just to make her happy. Sounds like you guys aren't too happy about giving talks. I still haven't had to give 1 talk yet. I can't complain about that. I have a feeling I'll have to give one here pretty soon though. I always carry a couple talks with me just in case. Thanksgiving should be pretty fun this year. Both wards here have a turkey bowl on thanksgiving morning. So we'll probably end up going to that and playing some football. We got invited to eat at like everyones house so we will probably just be house hopping around eating food at different places all day. The other day we were driving around and I was outside backing the car up and I was about to get in and this dog comes out from no where and jumps into the car. It wouldn't get out of the car. It jumped in the backseat and just sat down. It took us like 10 minutes to get the dog out of the car. Then it finally ran off. So that was pretty weird. Well I cant really think of anything else that's going on around here. So the other day I saw Michael Bonham here and he told me he just drove through Heber and he told me it hasn't changed at all. I was like it doesn't surprise me haha. Well that's about it for this week. Hopefully I'll have some crazier stories to tell next week. Love you and your in my prayers.
Elder Willis

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