Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey!! Well sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. Yeah it's crazy that August is about over. Time is just flying by.
I hope school is going good for you guys. So the weather here is still really hot. I remember last year it didn't start cooling down until like November. So it will probably be a while before it starts cooling down. That's cool to hear about Jaden's scrimmage. Hopefully they have a good year this year. So I don't know what people do for Labor Day here. Haha yeah there are no mountains here at all. I think the highest point in Louisiana is like a couple hundred feet. It's just really flat. For Labor Day I think we are going to have a bbq at the Ory's or something. The family that always sends you pictures. They are sweet. But anyways....things with me and Elder White are still going good. We are not sick of each other yet! We have been trying to work really hard to get something going in this area. This past week we decided to do a lot of tracting and see if we can see any success from doing that. Not much happened though. We decided we would try to work our butts off for a few days and see what would happen. We decided we wouldn't take any breaks until we handed out like 2-3 Book of Mormons. Something like that. I guess we weren't too committed to that because we would be tracting for like 3-4 hrs and be soaking with sweat and haven't given out any Book of Mormons and we gave up and had to take a break. We keep telling each other that things will start to happen because Grandpa Daniel Webster Jones is watching over us. That gives us some encouragement. We both got pretty discouraged this week because we are trying our hardest to get things going but nothing is happening. We still get no help from the members. I'm pretty sure the members don't even like missionaries. We have a pretty big ward and we only get 2 dinner appointments a month. And those are like from the same family. It's pretty sad. I guess we just got to keep doing what we have been doing. We're just planting seeds right now. It's alright though. So this past Wednesday our zone had a service day. So we went to Hammond and helped clean out someones yard. Me and Elder White got stuck on cutting down trees. That was fun. Then we traveled over to Amite and did some trash cleanup throughout the city. So we ended up doing a ton of service. It was good to take a little break from proselyting and just do service all day. This past week the family that just barely got sealed took us out in the swamp lands to see some wild alligators. That was crazy. They would come up pretty close to us. We had to be pretty careful because they were wild. One of these days I'm going to wrestle a gator. The family told us they were going to take us again and we were going to feed the next time. It will be a little more dangerous next time. So don't get all freaked out one of these emails when I tell you my arm got bitten off or something. Haha just kidding. So we didn't get a chance to play ghetto ball this week. We have a few kids numbers in our phone that we have played with before so we texted them to see if they wanted to play and they said Yeah. So we showed up and they never showed up. We probably won't call those kids up again. Anyways that's about it for this week. Not anything too exciting because its pretty slow in this area. I'm just hoping these next couple weeks a hurricane will build up in the gulf. That would be sweet...Well here's an experience where the hand of lord was with us. We have been tracting for like 3 hrs maybe and haven't really got to talk to anybody. Then it starts raining real hard and we are just soaked. We continue to tract and nobody cares that we're soaking wet. So right when we were about to give up and go in there was a lady working outside and she sees us and lets us come in and get out of the rain. So we talk to her for a while. We didn't get to teach a lesson to her or anything but she let us get out of the rain. Experiences like that really show you the little tender mercies the lord gives you. The lord is watching over everybody and he's in everyone's lives. I really believe that. Well that's it. I love you all.
Elder Willis :)

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