Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hey Fam!! So sounds like everyone is doing good. This week is transfer week and my comp. is getting transferred. That is kind of a relief. I was stressing out yesterday waiting for transfer calls but when I found out he was getting transferred it was like a big burden lifted. Now I can get back to doing real missionary work again. Well...if my next comp is a good missionary! So I wont know until the transfer meeting tomorrow who it is. Hopefully it's one of the missionaries I know. Transfer week is always really stressful. I'll let you know next week what all happened with that. I did get that little package. I really liked the talk in it. I've never read that talk before and it was really good. Thanks. So I don't think I need anything else in that package that your sending. Anyways my week went alright. It was sooo sooo hot this week. The first of August is supposed to be the worst. It was getting up to like 95 with a heat index of like 105-110 or something like that. I think my shoes are melted. Haha.. So this past week we went on an exchange with the zone leader. We had his car so we were able to do so much more and see more people. You can do so much more work when you have a car. With a bike you can only bike so far to see someone. It was good to get  a lot of work done. Lately we have been trying to just track down people on the ward roster that no one knows who they are or anything. Most of the time the people don't want anything to do with the church anymore. We did run into a girl probably in her 20's that's living with her fiance whose not a member. We got to talking with her and she has a brother on his mission in Wyoming and her parents live in New York and are really active. She was super nice and told us we can come back and visit again. So now we will probably focus on getting her back to church and seeing if we can make any progress with her fiance. We also got to visit with a couple less actives this past week. This one couple hasn't been to church in years but when we got to their house the wife was reading the Book of Mormon and we ended up having a nice discussion about what she was reading. So it's been cool to see the little progress they have been making since we have been working with them. We did a lot of biking and walking this week. It was rough. I think I know why people don't let us in their house...it's probably because we are so sweaty they don't want us to get all their furniture wet and stinky. Haha. Yesterday we tracked for a couple hours and we were soaking with sweat. It wasn't just my shirt that was wet. My pants were soaking with sweat too. I know some missionaries will change clothes in the afternoon but I don't. I'm just like "I'm going to get wet with sweat again so what's the point of changing?" When we are biking or walking and I run out of water it is so tempting to just drink from the swamps on the side of the road even though they are way nasty. So we don't get to go to the temple very often at all. I have only been on my mission once so far. I got a picture of the house. It looks really good. Hey so I think Jaden's glasses are sweet. You should get me a pair like that!! That would be sweet. So the ward here is getting a little better. We still don't get invited to ward council or PEC. We hardly ever have coordination with the ward mission leader. They are clueless here about missionary work. They think all missionaries do is service. But it's getting a little better. Well that's about all for this week. I'll let you know next week about all the changes. Love you!
Elder Willis <33

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