Monday, August 19, 2013

Sounds like everyone's week was really good. Those were some good pictures of mom and Makenzie.  Makenzie looks like she has grown up a lot. That's cool. So things with Elder White and I are going really good. We have been having some fun. Haha we still get a lot of missionary work done don't worry. So my last companion got transferred to Luling. I think that's down by New Orleans somewhere. I'm not sure. So yeah this past week we did get to go to the temple.  A family that got baptized like a year ago were getting their endowments and then they were getting sealed. So we got to go with them and some other members in the ward.  It was fun. No... Elder Mapa isn't in my zone. I wish haha. The Short family...the ones that got sealed went and picked up all the missionaries that taught them or they were close too and had them be there with them through the temple experience. So there was only like 4 other Elders that came. Umm...that was at Chili's. It was pretty good. The new temple video was way sweet. I liked it a lot. I think the next time i go through the temple will be right before i go home. That's only the 2nd time I have been on my mission. So chances are that I won't go to the temple again for a while. So anyways my week went pretty good. It was really wet. I think it almost rained every day this past week. I think these next couple weeks are the high chances for a hurricane to start up because the gulf is really hot and active right now. I wouldn't mind another hurricane. Those are pretty sweet.  This past week we had our zone leader come on exchanges with us. We got a lot of work done. It was pretty sweet....this one day we ended up handing out 6 Book of Mormons and got like 3 return appointments I think. Also we were walking out in the rain and this guy stops and asks if we needed a ride so we took up the offer. By the time he dropped us off he wanted to take us out for dinner one of these nights. So this week we will probably go out to dinner with him and see what happens from there. We had a lot of cool stuff happen this past week. I think things are starting to pick up now. Haha well the only way we can really go from here is up. This past week we went to our ghetto court to play ball again and see if we could redeem ourselves. There were a bunch of black kids from high school there. So we asked if we would play. At first they didn't really want us to play because I could tell they thought we would be terrible. So we started playing and they were acting like they were playing against some kids or something. They weren't really trying. Then we get the ball and I lob one up to Elder White and he lays it in. They were pretty shocked. Then they were like oh man these guys are cold. So then a couple plays later I get the ball and they double team me with my back against the hoop and then I go through the legs right between both of them and lay it in and they started going crazy. It was pretty funny. They started yelling and running around the court. There was a couple kids we were playing with that were pretty good. We won a couple games there that day. It was fun. We got a few of their numbers and they want to play with us again. So next time we might play them for a lesson or something. Elder White and I want to take a group picture with all of them and send it home to you guys. We will try to get a picture with them this next week and send it to you guys. They even gave us nicknames. They call us Frosty and Flake. Haha ..they are funny.  My week went pretty good. I think altogether we ended up handing out 9 Book of Mormons. Elder White and I might set a goal to hand out like 30 Book of Mormons in a week. Well ya'll have a great week at school. I love you.
Elder Willis <33

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