Monday, August 12, 2013

Hey!!! Well I hope you all are having a good time at school.  I'm glad I don't have to go to school. Well......I bet your wondering who my companion is.... Let's see you were asking me what my companion is like....I did know him, we know each other pretty good... he likes sports like me..... he's from Thatcher, Arizona..... Well it's pretty companion is Elder White!!! Yeah it's pretty awesome. We were at transfer meeting and people kept getting called to be companions and me and Elder White were still left and we both looked at each other and we're like we could be companions. Then next thing we know President was like Elder Willis will be with Elder White!!!  It was crazy. I thought we would never be companions but I told Elder White a while back that I have the hook ups with the Assistants so I put the word in with the Assistants and now we're companions. We have already had a ton of fun together. It's hard to call him Elder...there was a couple times I slipped and called him Trevor. It's still kind of weird that we're companions. Back home when we would hang out I would have never thought we would be missionary companions. We were just barely talking about what everyone back home is going to say when they find out were companions. It's sweet. So yeah hopefully we get some work done. It's pretty cool that the past few days that we have been together people have been talking to us like crazy. We have probably seen more success these past 3 days or so than the whole last transfer. Well my week went pretty good. There still isn't a whole lot to do in this area but being with Elder White will make it a lot easier in this area. So the other day Elder White told me he's never played ghetto ball on his mission yet. So I took him to the rough part of town here where they play pick up basketball . We ended playing a few games with some of the black kids there. They were really good. One of the kids was 14 and was making us look like we have never played basketball before. I was getting mad...he was making pretty much every shot. So I tried to play really tight defense on him and he still was making everything. I think Elder White and I won only one game while we were there.  In the next week or so we are going to go back and see if we can  beat that 14 year old. It was pretty embarrassing. There were other kids on the side of the court watching us play and they were talking smack about us. The only thing nice they said was that I have a nice shot.....  On Sat. night the youth in the ward invited  us to go play bball with some of their nonmember friends. That was pretty fun. So lately we have spent a lot of time just contacting in the ghetto. That is like the only place people will talk to us. . One lady told us to pray with her and Elder White starts saying a prayer and this lady just starts taking over and praising Jesus and rambles out all this stuff. 

                           Elder Willis and Elder White (Their grandmas are first cousins!)

My old district

So that's pretty much all that happened this week. So Jaden is going to play a Corner like I did? That's pretty sweet. He will probably be better than I was. So my area is pretty big into football. Pretty much the whole state of Louisiana is big into football. So me and Ashlee email each other almost every week or so. We keep in pretty good contact. Well you guys have fun at school doing homework haha! About the package...the shoes fit fine. Thanks. The belt is a little too small. I might have to send it back for Jaden or something. Its like a size 30 or something. I'm not that skinny. Haha.. Well talk to you later! Love you.
Elder Willis :)

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