Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hope everyone is doing good. Sounds like you guys had a pretty good week. Those pictures turned out really good. Everyone looks a little different. Mostly just Jaden and Makenzie.  Jaden looks like he's getting pretty big. We will have to see who gets bigger by the time I get home. . Makenzie looks likes shes growing a lot. That's sweet. Sounds like the football team did pretty good. I miss football a little bit. Now that football season is starting over here everyone is all crazy for football now so it makes me miss it a little bit. Anyways my week went pretty good. Yesterday for Labor day was pretty fun. We went over to the Ory's for a bbq. We had a water balloon fight too. That was pretty fun. Then another family invited us to play volleyball with them at the church. So my labor day was pretty good. Not too much else really happened this week. I did have a problem with my bike. I had a hole in my tube and we couldn't find anywhere that would sell a patch kit or a new tube. So we went to the bike shop and the guy there tries to patch it up with a piece from another bike tube. He said it should work for a little while. That night we had a dinner appointment. We were riding to the appointment and my bike tube popped again. So I just carried my bike like a mile to the dinner appointment. The next day we spent all day trying to find a bike tube because we had to ride to a lady's house to cut her lawn. So we just ended up walking like 6 miles to Wal Mart. Now my tire is all fixed up though. I'm kinda getting sick of being in a bike area. I'm ready to be with a car again. So Laura did send me the talk with Grandpa Jones in it.  Elder White and I read it together. She also sent like this paper with the quote that he said so we put it on our door. I'll send a picture of it. You will have to tell her about it and tell her thanks. So this past Saturday was a pretty crazy day for us. It was the day of the opening game for LSU so people were having bbq's all over town. We decided to go check out North Covington which is the ghetto and where we go to play basketball. We were riding around that part of town and there is black people everywhere. They are crowding the streets and it's hard to get through. A lot of people had big speakers outside playing music before the game. It was crazy. There was this little black kid that was like "Hey white boy" so we stopped and talked to him for a while. Then other kids saw us and came over to us. We had like 8 kids around us. We talked to them for a while. We saw a lot of kids that were asking us if we were going to go to the courts to play so we said yeah. Later on that afternoon we went to the courts. We played a couple 2 on 2 games and won. Then these 2 other kids came over and they are probably like 17 or 18 years old and ask if we want to play them. We're just like "yeah". Then we're like let's put something on this game. We said "if we win we get to teach you a message." They are like "ok." They said what happens if we win. We're like "you don't get the embarrassment of losing to 2 white boys in white shirts and ties". So they are like ok. We ended up beating them pretty bad. They were actually pretty good too. But we had God on our side. Then they wanted a re-match so we played them again and beat them. So we got to teach them the restoration. They seemed like they were really interested. They want to learn more now. So on Thursday we are going to meet up with them and teach them again. So that was a pretty cool experience. Other than that not too much. Just still moving along and doing good. All you guys are in my prayers. Love you.
Elder Willis <33

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