Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hey Family!!
Well I bet everyone is doing pretty good. I hope so..well about transfers umm..Elder White and I are staying together. So that's pretty cool! The two Mandeville Elders are getting transferred. And then one of the sisters here is getting transferred. So pretty much everyone in our district is getting transferred except Elder White and I. It will be interesting to see what's happening. So that's the news on transfers...nothing really exciting happened this past week. It was another slow week and we didn't really get to teach anybody. This past week we were riding our bikes and we come across this old black guy who stopped us and started talking to us and then he started telling us how white people haven't worked for anything in their life and how everything is given to them. He was pretty racist. He doesn't like white people at all. So we pretty much stood there while he was telling us how much he hated white people. It was interesting. There are a lot of parts here in the south that are still pretty segregated. Some parts the whites and blacks still hate each other and don't engage with each other in any way. It was funny talking to him though. He was telling us how the Mormons have always hated blacks and how we think blacks are of the devil. Then I told him how in the beginnings of our church in the 1830's we had some leaders and missionaries that were black. He wouldn't believe it though. Haha. Oh well...This past week we also had interviews with President. Those are always pretty cool.  I don't know if mission presidents can get trunky but I really think President Wall is getting trunky. Every time I see President he talks to me about basketball. So during the interview the majority of it was talking about basketball. He challenged me to a game of horse one of these days. But he said he gets to shoot it from half the distance from where I shoot it. I'll take him up on the challenge one of these days. That was pretty much my week. Oh...yesterday we were tracting and we came across a house with a limo so I told Elder White we need to knock on that door. So we start talking to the guy and he seems pretty cool. We told him we liked his limo and he's like come on I'll show you inside of it. So he gives us a little tour of his limo. It was sweet. We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and he said he will read it. He told us to come back in a couple weeks so we can teach him a little more. We will see what happens with him. So that was pretty much my week. Tell Jaden and Makenzie to keep up the good work in sports. Yeah I got those sports articles. How did we lose to Valley Lutheran? And get shut out? That's ridiculous.. Jaden better start working harder....and get the team working harder. High School sports are only really fun if you win games. It's not very fun if you lose every game. Well all you guys are in my prayers. I love you all.
Elder Tyler Willis <33 :)

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