Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey!! The weeks are starting to go by fast huh? It is for me at least. So that's funny about the crawfish you got. Did it say where the crawfish were from on the package? Ha ha I'm a little sad you guys didn't like it. I know it wasn't the real deal though. I honestly think crawfish down here is so good. I've only been to a couple crawfish boils and I honestly probably ate like over a hundred crawfish. They are so good. I'll just have to buy you guys some crawfish seasoning and send you some. Or maybe you will just have to come down here and try the real stuff! I'll have to figure out how to boil the crawfish. Anyways sounds like sports are going good. That's good that we finally beat Joe City. It's about time. I bet Makenzie is super excited to start volleyball. So the 2 new elders we got here in Mandeville are pretty cool. One is brand new and the other one has been out as long as me. They will be fun to hang out with on pdays and stuff. So this past week for me was alright. Not too much happened. Things are back to ground zero for us pretty much. We found out that the 2 black kids we beat in basketball and started teaching lost their phones. So we cant get a hold of them at all. Then we also found out the girl we brought to church who was our neighbor ended up moving. So she's gone now too. The only 2 good things we had going in this area both went down the drain. It's a little discouraging but that's what a mission is.  A 2 year roller coaster with ups and downs. The good thing this week is we have a few dinner appointments with the members here. That was a miracle. I guess one of the members we are close with is getting on all the relief society to sign up for us. Now we have a few extras. I'm excited for that. I can't really think of anything else. This week was a pretty boring week. So if you send me that package it would be cool. I need some more contacts. That's all i can really think of. I don't really need anything. I'm fine. Well you guys take care. I love you all.
Elder Willis :)

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