Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Sounds like things are still giong the same over yonder. So you liked that seasoning? That is some good seasoning. They have some other seasoning the people here like to use and its called" Slap ya Mamma". Haha it is really good too. I don't know if they sell that at Wal mart but those are probably the two most used seasonings down here. People put seasoning on everything. Everything is so spicy and super good. Well about transfers....my companion is getting transferred. Also the other elder that was with us is getting transferred. So I'm the only one staying in the apartment. There will be 3 new elders coming in to live with me. That's probably going to be a little weird at first but it should be fun. Tomorrow is our transfer meeting where I will get my new companion. And Trevor will be there. So I'm pretty excited to see him tomorrow. That would pretty sweet if he is one of the missionaries living in my apartment.....probably not though. Next Monday when I email I'll fill you in with all the details that happened. There might even be 2 sisters in the other ward instead of 2 elders. We are going to get a new district leader too. It might be my companion. Anyways next monday I'll let y'all know. So when you told me that dad got his new calling I was thinking that he was probably going to get Jaden to speak with him alot. I guess Jaden is too scared to do that. Haha just tell him it will be good practice for when he goes on his mission. If I was home I would go speak with Dad every time he has to go speak in a ward. That would be sweet. I guess once I get home I will be dad's speaking partner. So Easter was pretty good. I got your easter package and all the jelly beans and gum were all over the package. All the eggs broke open and gum containers so there was jelly beans and gum everywhere. Our ward gave us like 6 easter baskets. We have so much candy in our apartment. I don't eat very much of it though. So I'm pretty excited to watch General Conference this weekend. None of the members have invited us over to watch it yet so as of right now we will probably be watching it at the church. It will be cool to hear what they have to say this conference. I'm going to try and send those pants back home today. If not today sometime this week I will. I have no idea what I want for my bday. It snuck up on me. It seems like it was my bday like last week. I'm going to be old....20 :( Maybe buy me a walking cane? Just kidding ummm.....I don't really need anything. Maybe another watch. Since I've been on my mission I have been in love with watches. Probably since that's the only cool thing we can have. I guess maybe another Nixon watch or I don't know the name of the watch but I have seen it before. It is a wood watch. It's pretty sweet. Maybe you could get Jaden to look it up. I'ts all wood except the face of the watch. I don't know the brand or anything except that it's wood. Anyways my week went by pretty fast. We didn't get to really teach anybody. We haven't been back over to the Dubois. I'm pretty sure that has died for right now. The other day we were driving around and tried to see this part member family we haven't seen in like 5-6 months. They were outside and we got to talk with them and they invited us back another day. So we had a lesson with them. And the dad that's not a member came to church on Sunday and we have another appointment with him this week. Other than that that is pretty much all that is going on in my area. Hopefully with my new comp we will start seeing some more success.

I guess I will just have to work harder to find more people to teach. Well hope you guys have a great week. I love you.  (These are pictures of us at a member's house catching chickens!)

Elder Willis

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