Monday, April 15, 2013


What's up family? So sounds like everything is going good. Those were some nice pictures you sent. I could hardly recognize the house you tore it down to like nothing pretty much. Jaden is still short haha....Makenzie is getting taller. Mom still looks the same...Dad is starting to get handsome like me!! I haven't got the pants yet. I guess they should be coming in pretty soon. If these don't fit I'm just going to start wearing shorts to proselyte in!!   Anyways week was a pretty good one. So most of the elders in our apartment are cool.  My comp and I are getting along really good though. He is from San Francisco but he is Tongan and went to school in Tonga. He is pretty big. 300+ haha. He is like a rock though. He played Rugby and was a Linebacker in football so he likes sports too. Alot of people have been looking at us funny because they see this little white dude with this huge brown dude. And I have been driving all the time too. We have designated drivers so they will drive the whole time. We never switch off. We still don't ride our bikes very much. I think I have only rode my bike like 5 times on my mission. So we got to teach a few people this past week. There was this one kid we saw while we were driving through a neighborhood that  was running around jumping over ditches and fences and stuff. So we get out and we go over to him and we're like what are you doing? He's like I'm a free runner! I'm like no way I used to do that stuff then I broke my foot. He's like yeah my mom doesn't know about this because she would be mad. I'm like yeah my mom didn't like it when I did this too. So we talked to him a little bit more and then we asked if we could share a message with him so we just sat on the grass and we taught him the 1st lesson. He seemed like everything made sense to him. He told us he would read the Book of Mormon that night and he would tell his mom about it. So hopefully we can go over to his house and meet his family.  This past week I think I have handed out more Book of Mormons then I have in my whole mission. I have talked to so many more people on the streets and stuff then ever before. With me and my last companion the work was so slow.  Now that I have a new comp, we have been working hard and we have seen so much more success in just this past week. Anyways the other day we were walking down some neighborhoods trying to find any kids that were playing basketball outside so that we could shoot some hoops with them. I keep a basketball in the car in case we ever find anyone playing ball so we could play with them and then share a message with them.  So we were walking down the street and I was just looking down and I look up and this car swerves into our path like he is going to try and run us over but then at the last second he swerves back into the other lane. I had to jump out of the way so he wouldn't hit me and he yelled something to us but I couldnt understand it. I had a basketball with me and I was about to rock it into the side of the car...I was pretty mad. He was going pretty fast too like in the 40s... alot of people do not like us down here. We get all kinds of crap from people...but it is what it is. Other than that my week was pretty good. I don't know if you remember me telling you about the family that is from Snowflake that lives here-- but they have this family they want us to start teaching. They said they are really interested and would want to meet with us so hopefully things go good there. Anyways that was pretty much the week of Elder Willis...I love you all and pray for you each day.

Elder Willis

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