Monday, April 29, 2013


So it feels pretty good being 20! It still kinda feels like I'm 16 though. I don't feel like I'm 20 years old. Halfway to 40 :) Thanks for the packages. Everything turned out great. The watch is perfect. So you asked me about snacks when you send packages. I like when you send gummies and the fruit stuff. I like the jerky too. I'm just not a huge fan of the crackers. So for my birthday we went out to eat at Taco Bell. Yum...then we baked the cake you sent me. Then on with the rest of my day. I had to go on exchanges with our district leader for my bday. He treated me out to a free protein shake. There is a member in our area that owns a nutrition store and they make protein shakes. So the missionaries get free protein shakes whenever they want. We go over there quite a bit and just get a free shake real quick. It's sweet. Other than that nothing too exciting happened on my bday. There was a couple members in our ward that gave me a little present for my bday. They bought me some candy. It was really nice of them. There was an older lady in our ward that has been living with her sister for the past few months and we go over there alot to visit and she had to leave back home before she could give me her present and her sister said she started crying because she wasn't able to give it to me in person. I guess she got really close with us. The members are taking care of me down here-- don't worry. So your rental house looks pretty nice. I got the picture from Matt. It surprised me a little to see Jaden and Makenzie. Makenize is getting alot taller. Jaden is looking older and taller too. Its crazy to see how much they can change in like 10 months. Other than that everyone else still looks the same. So about my wasn't too crazy because we went on exchanges. Lately every morning at  5 30 we have been going to the track at the High School to run. I'm so out of shape. I haven't ran like that for almost a year. I could hardly run a mile. But since we have been going for a while now I'm getting back in shape. Now I can get up to 2 miles before I have to take a break. It's super hot and humid too when we run. Because of the humidity you sweat so much more down here. By the time we leave I'm just soaking with sweat. It feels good though.This past week we went to the skate park a few times to hang out with our skater buddies. They seem like they really like us but it doesn't seem like they want to change their lives right now. The other 2 investigators we are trying to work with right now we can't get ahold of them, or they are too busy it seems like. So this week was a pretty slow week becuase we weren't really able to see anybody. Hopefully this week we will be able to get ahold of them and go have a lesson with them. That was pretty much my week. Not much to talk about. Oh I was wondering if sometime you could send me some more contacts. I had a ton but somehow they all got lost. So if you could do that for me that would be sweet. About skyping....I think we are going to be able to skype again. We just need to find a member that will let us use their computer. Do you think you guys could make me an account so that I won't have to use someone elses account? Just let me know what the username and password is. Well hope y'all tryan gettin into something good this week. Love ya. Take care.

Elder Willis :)

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