Monday, May 20, 2013


Hope you all are doing good. Everything with me is going pretty good. Sounds like Ashlees farewell went pretty good. She is going to be a great missionary. I'm excited for her. So I bet you all are ready for school to be out? I can't believe school is already out. It seems like it just started for you guys. So any sweet plans for the summer? Probably just being lazy huh? Well my week was a pretty good week. The new missionary that got transferred in was actually here in Gonzales when I first got transferred here. So we lived together for like a transfer and he left but now he got transferred back so that's pretty cool. It's sweet to have a missionary you already know and like get transferred in an area with you. I'm just hoping for one transfer that me and Trevor get to be companions. :) That would be sweet. So yeah Aunt Laurie did send me Byron's announcement. It was nice. I was wondering if you ever sent those contacts off? Because I thought you said you were going to send them off but I never got them. So I don't know if your still waiting to send them off or what? Anyways about my week. We had a couple lessons with one of our investigators. They went pretty good. He really wants to get baptized but he just has a smoking problem holding him back. He was really the only person we were able to teach this week. Everyone else was to busy or we couldn't get ahold of them. The weather here has been warming up real fast. It's probably getting close to the 90's now and its super humid. I think this is going to be a long summer...We decided to ride our bikes a few days this week. We probably rode about 15-20 miles this week. I think I'm going to have to throw away a couple of my white shirts now because they are all gross from the sweat. Haha they aren't really white anymore. But this week we did some more yard work for some families. There was one day we just showed up at like 11 o'clock and knocked on the door and told them we were cutting their lawn for them. They felt so grateful for us. It's always nice to give selfless service to people. That's one of the things I enjoy most is just serving people. So I got to do some fun things this week. I really got to experience the Louisiana culture because I actually got to go to my first real crawfish boil. Down here when someone graduates from high school they will have a little party where it's all crawfish and jambalaya and all kinds of food. So we got invited to 2 crawfish boils this week. It was super crazy. So here's how a crawfish boil goes down just so you know. They have about 3-4 tables just lined up against each other. Then when the crawfish is done they pour it all on the table and you just start grabbing crawfish and eating it. There's no plates or anything. Just like 2 feet of stacked crawfish on the tables. I'm not very good at peeling crawfish. I felt kinda wimpy because there were girls that had like 5 crawfish peeled and eaten by the time I got done with 1. But after a while I started getting the hang of it. The best part is once you peel off the tail and get the meat out you take the head and suck out all the stuff in the head. At first I was a little hesitant to suck out the head but then I did it and it was like the best part. And they will throw some potatoes and corn in with the crawfish. It's super hot too so the whole time your trying to eat crawfish you are just sweating all over the place. There was a couple of times when I tried peeling the tail and it popped all over my white shirt. It was nasty. So crawfish boils are pretty crazy. You guys just need to experience it for yourselves.... Well that was pretty much my week. I can't wait to hear from you guys again. I love you all!

Elder Willis :))

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