Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey!!! Everything with me is going pretty good. My week was a pretty good week. That's crazy that you guys are out of school already. Time is just flying by. So what are you guys going to be doing for the summer? Hopefully it will be pretty fun. I still haven't received the contacts in the mail. Maybe it will come in the next couple days. This past week for me went by pretty fast. We did a lot of service. I think things in this area are starting to get going. We have a couple sweet things that have happened lately. So there was this part member family that moved in from Ohio. They are only like 21 or 22 I think. He grew up here then moved to Ohio and got married and then they moved back down here. So his wife is not a member. They are a really nice couple. We got to help them move into their house. So hopefully we will be able to teach her a little bit and see how interested she will be. They came to church last Sunday and she participated in class and everything. Then this past Sunday our Bishop started talking to us and said he had received a text from a bishop in another ward and said there was this girl from Utah that came to church and she lives in our area and she wants to get baptized. So she came to our ward on Sunday. We don't really know the whole story yet but she lived in Utah and graduated high school there and then she moved out here for a job I think. She's only like 20 or 21. She is pretty sweet. She wants to take the lessons from us and some of the members said they were talking with her and she told them that she wants to get baptized. This is pretty sweet that an investigator like this just falls into our arms. So we will be having a lesson with her this weekend. I think a family in our ward invited her to take the lessons at their house so we will probably be having the lesson at a member's house. That's all that's new with our investigators. The other 2 investigators we have are still moving along real slow. 1 of them said he was going to come to church but he didn't....life of a missionary. :)  The other 1 we helped him and his wife move into another house. So I think he really appreciated that. Hopefully that softened up his heart a little bit more to us. The work here has been slow for like the whole time I've been here but every once in a while we will have a little time of success. Right now we're starting that little time of success. Hopefully we can catch on to this while it lasts. So here's a cool story for you guys....we were riding our bikes down the sidewalk. Then there was this gap in the sidewalk so I had to jump over it. It wasn't anything too difficult because I jump over stuff with my bike all the time. I got to have fun somehow when I ride my bike. Anyways I jumped over this gap and when I land my front tube explodes out of the tire. I don't have any grip on my front tire so it just slides out to the side. Because I was going pretty fast the back end of the bike flips over. So I end up doing a couple sommersaults and rolls with the bike. I tried to hurry and get up and start riding again like nothing happened but I saw that the tube had exploded so we had to wait there for a while so we could fix my tire. There was an ambulance that came but nothing was wrong with me. I barely even got a scratch. I don't know if someone saw me and called an ambulance or what but I thought it was pretty funny that an ambulance had to come. I promise I'm fine. I've had many falls and breaks throughout my life so this is nothing. Just a cool story. Anyways that was pretty much my week. Really hot, humid, and sweaty!! Well talk to you guys later. Love y'all!
Elder Willis

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