Monday, April 8, 2013


Fefe Hake??-How are you doing?

So I guess you already saw who my new companion is. Elder Mapa. He is Tongan. He's already teaching me to speak Tongan and I'm picking it up pretty good. He has been out like 7 months. At the transfer meeting when I first saw him I was like Oh my gosh...I hope this guy doesn't eat me because he's pretty big. But then we started talking and we have just been clicking ever since. He's super nice too. We are going to get along really well. Remember at the end of the movie the R.M.? How he gets in the bunk bed and the big Tongan guy is on the top and the bunk breaks and falls on the guy on the bottom bunk. If not go watch it again. That's exactly what I thought was going to happen our first night together. I told him I'd move up to the top bunk but he wouldn't let me. He said he would sleep on top. Thankfully our bunk bed didn't break. haha. So how our transfer meetings work is that all the missionaries getting transferred in the mission go to the Baton Rouge Stake center. Then President Wall will say like so and so will be in this area with so and so. We stand up if were called and go sit down with our new companion. So it's pretty nerve racking. The other 2 missionaries in our apartment are alright. It's a little weird living with 3 new people but pretty soon things should be getting back to normal again. So I got to see Trevor...Elder White now. It was super cool. During our luncheon after the meeting I sat and talked with him for a while. He let me know how everything was going back home. I talked with him about what to expect out here in Louisiana. It was so nice to see someone you know. He is in the Denham Springs zone so I probably won't see him for a while. The area he is in is really nice. I think he is in Denham Springs North. That is a pretty wealthy area so he won't get to experience real Louisiana for a while. I told him that I'll make sure before my mission is over we will be companions or at least in the same district. I told him I got the hookups with President Wall. Denham Springs zone and the Baton Rouge zone are the 2 zones everyone wants to be in. Probably because of the areas in them. Everyone wants to go to the Covington-Mandeville area the Denham Springs area or the Gonzales area. And I'm in one of them. So conference was way sweet. I really enjoyed it. We just watched it at the church. We were the only people there too. It was pretty nice being the only ones there though. My favorite talks were probably Monson's during priesthood session. I really liked Russell M. Nelson during the Saturday afternoon I think it was. I forgot. And I liked Christoffel Golden Jr's talk Sunday afternoon. Those were probably my 3 favorite. L. Tom Perry's and Jeffrey R Holland gave really good talks too -- those 2 were like spiritual spankings. So about those ties you sent....umm we have a thing in our district that on Friday we wear the ugliest ties we have. We call it Dusty Monkey tie Friday. Those ties you sent me are perfect for Friday's now. Thanks for them though. They aren't going to waste. So right now in our area we are going to try something new. Me and my last companion didn't really see any succes so I decided that with my new companion I'm going to try something new. I got an ubaptized child record in our ward and also a part member family list. So me and Elder Mapa are going to be working on that for a while and see if we can see any success with this. This past week we didn't really get any work done because we were busy with transfers and everything. So I just barely got an email from Garet and Amanda with their baby girl.. I guess she just had her. That's awesome. So Jaden and Makenzie are still busy with sports. Sounds like Makenzie is going to be a little track star. Tell her if she wants to get faster she needs to sprint up hills or mountains. Or sprint up the stairs a bunch of times. That will make her faster. Well I don't have much more to talk about. I can't wait to talk to y'all at mothers day. That's coming up soon. Anyways your in my prayers. Ofa Atu-I love you...

Elder Tyler Drake Willis

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