Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Those pictures of Grandma's casita look nice. It looks pretty much like grandma Goodmans. You guys did a pretty good job building that thing up...well I guess dad did a pretty good job. He probably did most of it. About the pants... I'll send them home and you can just get new ones. I guess with Stafford I wear a 34-32. And I already have a blue pair. Tha'ts the one I wear all the time so I can use a black and a dark grey. So i'ts spring break for you guys? That's fun...I don't get spring break. The schools here are all on spring break this week too. And one of the schools had their prom this past weekend too. I thought that was pretty early to have prom. There is a couple schools in my area. One school is pretty much where all the black kids go and the other is pretty much where all the white kids go. Things down here are still pretty segregated. They have black gas stations and white gas stations. It's weird. So next week is transfer week. I'll be emailing on Tuesday again and tell you what's happening. I'm pretty sure my companion will be getting transferred but that's what I thought the past 3 transfers. So you just don't know until you know. My mission president doesn't usually leave companions together for very long. So 4 transfers together is pretty unusual. He does like to leave missionaries in areas longer though. I don't mind staying in this area. This is probably the best area in the mission. Probably because most of the people here are semi-normal. Most of the people that live here in Gonzales are from different states working at all the plants here. There are a ton of plants along the Mississippi River and that's where alot of people work. Anyways my week went by pretty fast. So you liked talking to Sis Guy? They are a sweet family. She was like has your mom sent you an easter package yet? I was like noo....then she was like what? I'm texting your mom right now!! So I was like alright...tell her I like hand written letters too. Then on Sunday she came up to me again and asked me if I got my easter package yet. So I told her no and she was like what? I already sent my son 2 packages. I just told her I guess my mom doesn't love me that much :) We didn't get to have a lesson with the Dubois this week. Their daughter has softball practice on Wednesday nights and Bro Dubois helps coach so they are trying to find another night we can start coming over again. I think things with the Dubois are dying down. I don't want that to happen but that's what I think is going on. I'm not sure if we are even going to have a lesson with them this week. I guess we wait and see. Sunday we got to go down to Morgan City and speak in their branch. The same member that took us down to New Orleans had to go speak down there and wanted us to go and speak with him. They have a tiny branch. It reminded me of the tiny branch I was in in Opelousas. I like being in the bigger wards way better. Tiny branches are not very fun to serve in. Anyways I'm pretty sure that some of the swamp people live in Morgan City. I think that's what I heard. Troy Landry...the guy that says choot em!! It looked like it would be a perfect place for some swamp people to live. I think I probably told you guys this already but the Guist brothers on swamp people live in my area. We tried to knock on their door this one time but someone came out and told us they were atheist. Haha they live in some dumpy trailers. The members in my area don't like them either because they would come to school all smelly and would have like frogs in their overalls.. I don't know. Anyways the tri-companionship is still going pretty good. We are staying really busy because we have alot of people we could see so the days go by pretty fast. We went and saw our 85 year old lady but I don't think she really remembers us. We didn't really get to talk to her because her son was there and he talked our ear off. I guess he was a spy during the cold war and I'm pretty sure he was telling us some stuff about the war that he shouldn't be telling us. So I know some top shelf secrets now. He wants us to come over again but I think that's probably because he wants to tell us some more of his spy stories. Well anyways that was my week. Talk to you later alligator. Love ya.

Elder Willis

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