Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Sounds like everyone is doing great. My week was a good one. It went by pretty fast. So..... I was wondering if you could send me some more ties. I'm getting sick of all the ties I have. I need some new ones to freshen up my tie collection!  Anyways about my week....this past week I was pretty sick for a couple days. I had a bad headache and cold. I didn't want to stay in either. So I just sucked it up and went proselyting anyways. I think I probably took more advil than I should have. But now I'm fine. So the other day I was reading some talks on lds.org and I came across J. Golden Kimball and I remember  someone  would talk about how he would swear in his talks. So I read some of his talks and sure enough he just swears away. Haha it's funny. Could you ask if anyone has any talks from J Golden Kimball because he has really cool talks. So the weather has been really humid the past couple days. I don't know if I'm ready for a Louisiana summer again. Those are rough. Our tri-companionship is going pretty good. It's easier to do work because we have more people to go see now. We usually cover 1 area in the early afternoon and then the other area in the late afternoon. It's fun to go around and visit other people you don't know already. Yesterday we spent 9 hours at church.....we had to be there at 7:30 for meetings for the first ward then we went to their church then at 1 we went to second ward till 4 30. I guess that's what the missionaries back home had to do. So our lesson with the Dubois went really good. We played like a guess who are the characters in the Book of Mormon. So we described a character and they had to guess who it was. Then we had a nerf gun and they got to shoot at a target for points. The girls really liked the game. They don't like when we come with just a lesson because it's boring for them. So we try to play more games now. We have no idea what we are going to teach this week. If you know of any games that you think are fun let me know because we could use them. Other than that we really didn't get to see anybody else. We didn't get to go see our 85 year old lady. I think we will this week though. That's pretty much all that is going on in my area right now. That's sweet the missionaries back home are trying to push you guys to find someone to teach. We can't do that down here. If we did that the members probably wouldn't like us anymore. They don't like being pushed or pressured into anything. So we just wait until the members will come up to us and tell us they have a person for us to teach. That doesn't happen very often though. We do our own finding. Which is not very effective because almost everyone down here is already deeply rooted in another religion. Well I can't think of anything else. My week wasn't too crazy. Just another normal week. Remember you are in my prayers. I love you.

Elder Willis

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