Monday, March 11, 2013


Sounds like you guys are doing pretty good. That's great. I'm doing good. The weeks are starting to go by really quick now. It seems like it's Monday  every other day almost. week was pretty good. Today the elder that was waiting on his visa to go to Brazil left. So the other elder is companion-less. So starting now until the end of the transfer which is in like 3 weeks we will be in a tri-companionship. We will be working both of our areas together. We are going to have lots to do. All 3 of us have been together for like 6 months now so we get along pretty easy so it should be fun. We are going to have to start going to all day church too. let's see what happened this week. Umm....we got a call from this lady that wanted us to come over and teach her about the church. So we got pretty excited. We go over there and start talking to her a little bit. She was kind of a weird lady. Then she was like I want to learn more because I have been blessed with a special gift. She was like I can speak in I'm just trying to keep a straight face while this lady is talking to us. So we just keep going. Then she was like I want to learn more about John Smith...I'm like oh Joseph Smith? She's like yeah...John Smith. Haha. She was crazy. There are alot of people down here that claim they are prophets and have seen Jesus and all that crazy stuff. So our lesson with the Dubois was pretty good. We just taught about the Holy Ghost. Things are still the same with her. Coming to church every Sunday and not really making any more progress than that. So we just keep chugging along until hopefully one day she will make a decision. A couple days ago the Dubois were all riding in their car somewhere and they drove past this little house with this old lady sitting out front. So Bro. Dubois got an impression that he needed to stop and talk to her about the church. But all the other family members wouldn't let him. So Bro Dubois lets us know about this older lady and tells us to go visit her. So we go up to her and I ask her if we can share a message with her blah blah blah....and she invites us right in without any hesitation. She was super glad that we stopped by to see her. She was telling us all about her little 1 bedroom house thats 90 years old. Her name is Mary and she is 85 years old. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and where it came from. She wanted to buy the book from us but we told her it was  free. She told us she was going to read a few chapters before she went to bed and she wanted us to come back and teach her more. She was probably one of the nicest older ladies I've ever met. So we're going to have to go back and see where we can go with her. We probably need to hurry because I don't know how much longer she has to live. So that was pretty much my week. Love you all lots.

Elder Willis

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