Monday, December 2, 2013

Nov. 25, 2013

So another week down.. i hope everyone is doing good. I'm doing pretty good. This week went by pretty fast. So that's pretty cool that it was snowing up in Heber. I'm glad i don't have to deal with any snow over here. Even though this past week was probably cold enough for it to snow. It was only like 60 degrees and i thought it was so cold. I guess im not used to the cold weather so when it gets a little cold i think its freezing. I haven't had a chance to go buy me any sweaters or pants yet but I'm going to try to this week hopefully. So thanksgiving should be pretty good this week. We have like a little branch thanksgiving lunch thing at the church on Thursday and then we have a dinner with this nonmember that we did a service for a week or 2 ago. She told us to come over on thanksgiving because they have like 30 dishes....haha I'm probably going to have to do alot of working out this week to burn off all that food. It should be fun. Then on Saturday another member wants to feed all the missionaries here a big feast. So this week I'll probably be getting fed really good. For like traditions down here...its not really any different from back home. I guess people down here always season the food real good. Some people have all depends. Alot of people deep fry everything. It's really fattening. I'll tell you next week what we had for thanksgiving. But this week was like every other week. Just pretty slow. Not really teaching very many people. So you know how I was talking about the guy named Julius we helped move in and he was interested. Well this past week I was standing outside the apartment and he walked out to go to his car so I started talking to him. For some reason we started talking about football and he told me he plays on the semi-pro league here in New Orleans. We talked about that for a while ..  he seemed like he was not interested in the church anymore. Oh well...he still says hi to us every time we see him. I guess it will just take time. Another cool thing this past week is that we visit this less active guy named Travis Lewis. So this last time we were visiting with him we started talking about rapping...oh by the way this guy is black and he has a gold grill and big diamond necklaces and all that stuff. So we were talking about how he raps and he told us he works with Eminem and 50 Cent. So he showed us some albums that he is on or helped with. It was pretty cool. He told us he is trying to get Eminem and all those guys he works with to come to church with him. Haha...I don't think that will ever happen though. The gospel is for everyone though. I asked him what his stage name is and he said "Cheese" It's for real too because he showed us the albums. So if you ever hear any songs from "Cheese" know that I visit him alot. Well that's about all for this week. Yeah I get on Ashlee's blog alot. It does sound like her mission is alot like mine. Very hard to find anyone to teach. Well I can't think of anything else that's going on. Can't wait to talk to you guys on Christmas. I'm looking forward to it. Love you guys!!
Elder Willis :)

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