Monday, December 2, 2013

Sounds like you all had a very good Thanksgiving. Lots of food and upset stomachs I bet.. haha mine was a pretty good Thanksgiving. We just had a big lunch at the church with a few members. That was pretty good. Just the normal turkey and potatoes and that stuff. We did have a ton of pies. We did have another family tell us if we wanted we could come over around 3 and eat some more but we decided to skip out on that meal. We were too full. Then for dinner this hispanic family invited all the missionaries over and we ate beans and rice. Not exactly what I was expecting to eat for my thanksgiving dinner. But my thanksgiving was a good one.  It was pretty cold this past week but once December hit it was warm again. Yesterday was like 80 degrees. Last year was like that too. December hit and I was confused because it was super warm. So did you guys go to black friday? Thursday night before we had to go in for the night we decided to stop by Walmart and JCPenney to see what kind of deals they had so for the next day we could come back and get stuff. I don't think I have ever seen so many people in my life. There was people running around everywhere in the store. It was so chaotic. Friday we went to JCPenney so I could buy some pants and sweaters. They had some pretty good deals on clothes so I got me a couple sweaters and pants. There was still a ton of people on Friday afternoon. I guess people take black friday down here seriously. I saw a couple people wearing shirts that said something like "On black friday i will kick, punch, and trample to get what i want" haha..Anyways this past week we didn't get to see very many people because of Thanksgiving and everyone was with family. So yesterday at church something cool happened...there was this black member that brought one of his black friends to church with him and he was wearing big chain necklaces and big diamond rings and it was fast sunday so everyone was bearing their testimonies and right when we were about to end the testimonies the guy gets up and starts walking up to the pulpit and I am sitting in the back and I'm like "oh yeah this is going to be good" so he starts talking to the congregation while he is walking down the isle to the stand and he probably bore one of the best testimonies I've heard. He gets up there and he was like "When I hear the word testimony, I think of the word Test. A testimony is a test of what you have been through." Then he was just like thank you for having me and walks away. I was like dang that was powerful. So that was a pretty cool experience. I hope he comes back to church. He is in the other missionaries area so I wont teach him. Hopefully they will jump on that. Well I hope you guys have a great week. I love you all.
Elder Willis :)

Thanksgiving at the Ward Thanksgiving Feast!

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