Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hey!! So I was about to email you (Mom) yesterday to tell you Happy Birthday but I decided to just wait until today to tell you Happy Birthday!! So Happy late birthday!! I love you! So yeah today is pday because i'ts transfer week. Me and Elder Smith are staying the same. I'm pretty happy because Elder Smith and I get along really good. We have a lot of fun together. The other 2 in our apartment are staying the same. They were happy too because they wanted to spend Christmas with us. So nothing happening this transfer. Elder White told me that he had to get Emergency Transferred up to Deridder. Which is way up north. I guess a companionship wasn't getting along up there so President put Elder White up there to help the Elder out I guess. So Elder White is really far away now so I probably won't see him that much anymore. But tha'ts sweet to hear about the RV tournament. I guess Jaden is showing me up. Tha'ts awesome he got all-tournament team. I bet he was happy about that. That's better than I ever did. I'll still have to show him whose boss when I get home. :) So the weather is getting pretty cold over there? Haha well this week we had a zone meeting and when we got out of the meeting at like 2 we got in the car and it said it was 90 degrees. Haha it was so hot. It's weird to hear christmas music but yet it's so hot outside. But then towards the end of the week it got really cold. Like in the 40s-50s something like that. So hopefully from now on it will be cooler weather. This past week we ended doing a lot of service for this family. They were putting in a tile floor so we helped them out with that for a couple days. Now I can pretty much say I've done it all on my mission. I've put in tile floors. I've put in wood floors. I've torn down hundreds of houses at the first of my mission. Put in drywall. Just all kinds of stuff. It's cool to learn how to do all things. We did get to watch the Christmas devotional. Just all the missionaries watched it at the church by ourselves. It was pretty good. It's always good to hear general authorities speak. I thought it was pretty cool how Elder Nelson was doing his with the video clips and different voices. It was kind of throwing me off sometimes though but it was good. So I'm pretty sure we will be able to find a place to skype. Nothing set yet but this week we will try to find somewhere to skype and I'll let you know. Well I can't wait to talk to you guys on christmas. I'm excited!! Well i love you guys and pray for you!!
Love Elder Willis :) 

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