Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hey!! So yeah this week is transfer week. I got a call last night that I'll be getting transferred.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave this area but I guess it was time for me to leave. I was here for 8 months. Haha I guess I got pretty comfortable here. I'm ready to try new things out and meet new people and everything though. So tomorrow is our transfer meeting. I'm hoping that I'll be getting transferred to Denham Springs. That's where Trevor is at. haha His comp. is going home. We'll see..    So yeah C's baptism was this past Saturday. It was very good. The spirit there was really strong. She asked me to give a talk on the Holy Ghost. She asked one of the missionaries in the 1st ward to baptize her. It was a little surprising because those weren't even her missionaries but it was her decision. Even the ward mission leader and the Bishop were a little surprised about that. I forgot to bring my camera to the library so I can't send you pictures this week but I will try to send some next week. Then on Sunday she got confirmed. Bishop did the confirmation. Then she had another member bless her baby. It was a good Sacrament Meeting. It was a good last Sunday in that ward because we had almost all the people I have been working with this whole time I've been here at Sacrament meeting. We had like 3 investigators at church and like 5 of the less active members we've been working with there. It was really neat to see. This would be an area I would like to come back and visit. The rest of my week went pretty good. We did a lot of service. We helped a member put in a wood floor. Bringing back memories. :) Done lots of those before. Yesterday the 1st ward elders and us decided to do a day of service. We cut 7 lawns. A lot of widows and less fortunate families. By the end of the day we were all drained. It was so hot. Had a couple lessons this past week. One of them was with J. Our investigator that has a baptismal date. He came to church on Sunday too. We taught him the plan of salvation. It went good. Then we brought up the Word of Wisdom because we kinda already knew he had a problem with that. We went over that and I could tell he got a little discouraged because he knew he had problems with it. He really wants to get baptized and is super excited for it but he has to overcome this and he says it going to to be hard for him. He will be able to overcome it. I won't be teaching him anymore but I really hope he ends up getting baptized. He was a sweet guy. That's pretty much all that happened during my week. Yeah I got an email from Ashlee. She sounded like she is doing really good. But I know what it feels like to be brand spankin new. It is super tough but it gets better.  Mitchell and I still write letters to each other all the time. He is doing really good. So Jaden is doing a paper route for a week? I've always wanted to be a paper boy. That would be sweet. Sounds like Matt and Helen are still doing good. Everyone seems to be doing great. Yeah I thought that broadcast was awesome. I really enjoyed it. These next few years are going to be a great time to be a missionary. I'm glad i get to be apart of this. Yeah my blog is all changed up. Tell Makenzie she did a great job. Well I'll email you guys next week about my new area. I love you all!
Elder Willis <333

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