Monday, June 10, 2013

Hey!! So I don't think this email will be a very good one because I got stuck on a computer without a chair so I have been standing up the whole time and I've been like deathly ill the past few days. So I might pass out. haha. Yeah it's been bad. I've had to stay in most of the day but then I'll think I'm feeling good and we will try to go out but it wouldn't last very long until we would have to come back in. I don't know what it is but it's rough. (Now his mom is worried!)  I'll be fine though. I'll try to toughen it up. So Jaden got to go to an Imagine Dragons concert? I didn't know about them until like a month ago. I think a youth in our ward was telling us about them. I think they are mormon too? I don't know I've never heard of them before. So my week was pretty good. We had a couple lessons with C. She is so excited for her baptism. I'm really excited too it's going to be awesome. Another cool thing about that is the same day she gets confirmed in Sacrament mtg. Her little baby is going to get blessed too. It's a sweet story. So I got an email from Ashlee! Sounds like she is doing really good. I'm really excited for her. She is going to be an awesome missionary. I read on her blog and she was like talking about how she saw all these people at the MTC.  I didn't get to see anybody I knew. I was a loner. I really enjoyed the MTC though it was a lot of fun. Matthew sent me some pictures of the house and it looks great. I'm excited to see the finished version. So  Trevor and I are trying to do everything in our power to able to serve around each other. We are writing President in our letters to him that we want to serve around each other so we will see how it turns out. We still have a while before we go home too so I shouldn't be too worried right now.Well I better go sit down or something I'm getting light headed. Taking care of myself is hard instead of having mom taking care of me all the time.  (now I wish I could fly over to Louisiana and take care of him for a few days. )  I have no clue how to take care of myself :) I'll write you guys a way better email next week when I can think straight. You are in my prayers and I love you all!!
Elder Willis

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