Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello Everyone!! How is everyone doing? Still sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. I'm doing fine. I can't write very much cause we just got back from a town called LaPlace down over by New Orleans. All the missionaries are down there helping out with the hurricane victims. It's pretty crazy down there. The hurricane really tore it up down there. It flooded pretty bad too. So the rest of this week we have to go down there everyday and help out the people. We pretty much just tear down all the molded and wet sheet rock off their walls and tear up the carpet and tile and stuff. It's hard labor but it's really rewarding with all the blessings. The people have to throw away everything they had cause it all got destroyed in the flood. So along the street there is just all kinds of furniture and trash that people had to throw out. And then there are other people that go along the street and try to find stuff for themselves from the trash piles. So yeah it's pretty messed up down there. I'll take pics and then send them in the next email. So yeah my week was pretty boring. On Tuesday we had to be in a member's home and we had to stay in the home until Thursday. So it was super boring. 3 days without doing anything. It went by super slow.   So this week I went to a chinese restaurant and it was interesting. I ate some frog legs...those are pretty good. And I tried some sushi....that wasn't good at all. So yeah I'm just trying everything down here. Well I don't have really anything else to say. I got to wake up early and get back to work. haha. I love you all and miss you but I'm doing fine.

Elder Willis

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