Monday, August 27, 2012

Another week down. What the heck? It seems like I was just emailing yesterday! Hopefully everyone is doing good. I'm doing fine right now but I had a pretty crazy week. Holy Cow. It rains here all the time. I'm pretty sure there was 1 day that it didn't rain. When it rains it kinda makes everything go slower. I'm not going to lie... there were a couple things that happened this week that really tore me apart. But I found a way to get through them. So the first one that happened it was kinda later in the day the sun was going down. Me and my companion were getting really tired. It was raining so we were just getting soaked. It was just bad. We really didn't know what to do. We ended up just going to this one house to knock so we can be doing something. So we knock on the door and a muslim lady answers it. Right when I saw her I knew this wasn't going to be good. She sees us and just starts yelling at us. Telling us NO!! Go away! Don't come back again. So we start walking away and she yells at us again. She yells at us and tells us to get off her property before she calls the cops. So we just get out of there as fast as we can. It wasn't too good. It was pretty rough. People here are either super nice or super rude. So that was pretty crazy. Yeah ...I'll save my other story for later. So the hurricane or whatever looks like it's coming this way. I think we are probably gonna have to go stay at a members house for a couple days . I'm not sure. I think it would be crazy to be in a hurricane. Yeah so you got a call from pops...Bro. White? haha he is way cool. When he told me he talked to you I was like oh so you finally called my parents? He was like no I talked with them telepathically? or whatever...haha he is so crazy. So we went to a members wedding this week and guess what they had for food? Yep fried chicken and jumbalaya. I've had jumbalaya a few times already and its pretty good. It depends on who makes it. People here sure do love there food. So the other day I finally weighed myself....and I was surprised when I saw how much I weighed. 165!!!! Hahah  I'm getting big. I don't think its all fat cause I work out every morning. Maybe a little fat...I hope I don't get super fat! Yeah so I'll tell you my other story. This experience has been the worst experience I've had on my mission so far but I'm also glad that it happened. It tore me to we get a call from a guy and he tells us to come over cause they are having a bbq. So we're like sweet lets go over there. We get there and there is no bbq. We sit down and these 2 other guys come in. So there are 3 black guys sitting down in front of us. They all bring in their bibles. By the way they are Penticostals. They are like okay lets start with a prayer so they say a prayer and they ask us what we believe about Jesus and Heavenly Father. We tell them how they are seperate beings. So 1 guy is like ok I want to go to a scripture. He opens up a notepad and has all these notes taken down just for us. They start telling us all these scriptures and trying to prove our religion wrong. They prepared for us to come cause they had all kinds of notes taken. 1 of them was like a pastor so he was using all these flattering words like bible pastors do. They knew their bible for sure. He looked us in the eyes and he said I can see the confusion in your eyes. Your searching for the truth. You have so much potential but you haven't found the truth yet. He was trying to convert us.They were bashing on us hard. It was horrible. This went on for like 2 hours. That experience really shook me up pretty bad. My faith was really tested. For the rest of the day I was just super quiet. My companion was asking what's wrong. I asked him if what they were telling us were true. So we had to discuss some stuff for a little bit. The devil is real. He was trying to tear us down through those guys. But now I'm fine. I've learned alot of things from that experience. So that was my week. I love you all and I'm praying for you!
Elder Willis <3

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