Monday, August 20, 2012

Hows it going? Hope y'all are doing fine. Yeah everyone says y'all here. I kinda have gotten hooked to it too. Well this week went by fast. Hopefully every week goes by this fast.  That would be sweet. Well this past week wasn't as crazy as the others. Still some pretty interesting things have happened. We had zone conference this past week. To answer your question we are in the Lafayette zone. It was  pretty cool. We don't knock doors at all. It's pretty much pointless to knock doors here. Nobody wants to hear what we have to say. I think we have knocked doors like only 2 days for a couple hours so far. I think every door I have knocked I get the door slammed in my face. It's tough here. We can't find anyone to teach. And the people we do teach don't really take in what we teach them. It's like they just like talking to people and they don't care what we say. Its hard.....I get discouraged sometimes and think why can't we get at least just 1 person that wants to hear what we have to say and really be interested. Yeah it's kinda hard sometimes. I've also found out that God doesn't bless you with worldy things like money and clothes and all that....sometimes he does but I have found out that even the strong members of the church don't have alot. I would think like they are strong in the church why doesn't the lord bless them with more money and better living conditions. I have realized he does bless them because of their faith. I can see how happy they are with the gospel and how loving they are and joyful. They don't care that they don't have much as long as they are happy in life and have joy that's really all you need in this life. We had stake conference this weekend. We are in the Alexandria stake. It was alright. There were some good talks. At the end of the adult session saturday night when it was the prayer the lady that was supposed to say it just stood up where she was sitting in the stands and started her prayer. The stake president told her she needed to go up to mike and say it. It was kinda funny. So the other night when we got back to the apartment there were these 2 black guys playing on the courts outside. They were about 20. So we walk over there and say hi and stuff. They ask us if we want to shoot so I'm like yeah I'll take a shot. So I get the ball and I drain like 6 shots in a row. Those guys were like amazed with me. They were like how did you get so good? Asking me if I played in college and we shot around with them for a little bit and talked and we set up a appointment where we can go teach them. So when we go teach them we walk in their appartment and it smells like smoke so bad. They were so high....haha so we start teaching them and they are so out of it. Like they can't think at all and they aren't even paying attention to what we are saying. Randomly they would just start was crazy. So we just stopped halfway through the lesson and told them we'll come back at another time...yeah so it's pretty hard to teach people the gospel when they are high. So yeah that was pretty much my week. I wonder what this next week has in store for you guys and your in my prayers.
Elder Willis

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