Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sounds like a pretty good week you all had. I'm glad to hear things are going good back home. Well we got transfer calls last night and I am getting transferred. So tomorrow I will be finding out where my new area is and new companion. There are alot of people getting transferred this transfer. I guess President is making alot of changes in the zones and switching alot of things up. Transfers aren't that nerve racking for me anymore because I know so many missionaries now that there's a good chance I might know my companion. I want to go to the Alexandria zone. That's the only zone I haven't served in yet. This will probably be my last area. I'm sad to leave Elder Smith though. We got along really well. Next week I will let you know on what happened. So I will have to look out for that Sister missionary that you guys are talking about and say hi to her. That would be cool. That's funny that Jaden is getting tightly guarded most of the game. That happened alot to me. Suber would always yell at me and tell me to go get the ball. I would end up running around the whole court trying to get the ball. Just tell Jaden to try to get the ball as much as he can. That might help a little. You asked about the meetings I go to on Sunday and in this branch we don't go to any meetings. We just show up for church at 9 and leave when it's over. I think most of the missionaries don't go to very many meetings. They just try to make everything go through the ward mission leader. So my Sundays aren't filled with meetings and stuff. I told you guys about Elder Perkins coming to our mission. The conference we had with him was pretty sweet. He had alot of good stuff to say. I enjoyed listening to him. I could listen to him for days. I don't know if he has spoke in General Conference but if he has he would probably have pretty good talks. Then on Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference and he spoke again. So all that was pretty neat. On Sunday afternoon they got a few of us missionaries to go sing at this Martin Luther King Jr. celebration service. I don't know why they got us to sing because we were the only white people there because it was a bunch of black church people getting together to celebrate MLK day. They had like some baptist preacher there and during his sermon everyone was getting into it. It was so cool to experience something like that. Everyone was like yelling Hallelujah and Amen and all that stuff. We sang a couple church hymns for them. But the real show was the preaching. The black people down here really get into that kind of stuff. Then yesterday we just continued working on the house we are painting. It is taking us a while. We have been doing it for like a week now. We just got done priming half of the house. I won't be here to finish painting it though. So this whole past week was spent doing prep work for the house getting it ready to paint. We did alot of service this week again. That's what my mission is :) So Mitchell already knows his release date? haha.. Umm.. I'm pretty positive I will be flying home July 10th. I think that's a Thursday. I will probably know more here in a few months. It's crazy how fast time goes. Well I will keep you all in my prayers. I love you all.
Elder Willis :)

The Elders taking a break after working on priming a house so that they can paint it.  This is one of the Spanish Elders.
This is a send off for a young man going on his mission.  This was after his farewell at his house.  

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