Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I hope everyone is doing good. Sounds like quite an eventful week you guys had. Yeah I got the video you sent of Jaden's game. It looks like you can't even have a foot in between the 3 point line and the out of bounds line. Haha. That's weird. So this past week the big cold weather storm or whatever it was got us pretty good. On Tuesday and Wednesday it was super cold. I had to wear like 3 sweatshirts and gloves to bike to our dinner appointment. I think it got below freezing. It was chilly. Then the next few days it warmed up again where I could wear my short sleeve shirt again. There wasn't any snow for us :( haha. I'm surprised it didn't snow in Heber. It has rained here the past couple days though. Right now there's a big lightning storm. It's kind of hard to do anything when it rains. We can't really bike in the rain. So usually when it rains we just try to wait it out. So transfers are next week. I have no clue what is going to happen. I wouldn't mind getting transferred to another area for my last few transfers. Elder Smith and I could probably stay together another transfer. But you never know. I will just let you know what happens next week. So this past week I hit my 18 month mark!! It's pretty crazy that I only have 6 months left. I guess I have officially served a mission longer than Dad. It's weird to think that I've been out as long as Dad served. Yeah I read about the new mission presidents. I haven't heard anything about him but it shouldn't matter because I'll go home the first week he is here. This past week we did a lot of service again. Every Thursday we help these 2 widows out with their lawn or whatever they need help with. And one of them is pretty old and she feeds us every time we go over there. She looks forward to feeding us every week. Well she needed her porch re-painted so we started working on that but we will probably finish it this week. And her neighbor needs her house painted so we are going to paint that too. I guess I will be doing a lot of painting this week if the weather is good. Oh so this week we have a general authority coming to visit the mission. It's Elder Perkins of the Seventy. I have never heard of him but I think he is in the First Quorum of the Seventy. This Friday we are going to have a zone conference with him. So it should be pretty cool to hear what he has to say. Well that was about it for my week. Still not a whole lot going on in this area. Mostly just service. It seems that's how its been for a majority of my mission. Well I love all y'all :) 
Elder Willis :) :)

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