Monday, October 7, 2013

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good. My week was pretty good. We are emailing a little later than usual today because we just got back from fishing with this crazy swamp guy. He is a less active member and he always talks about how good he is at fishing and everything so we told him to take us fishing. We hardly caught any fish. I think he got like 1 or 2 catfish that weren't very big. It was pretty fun though. It was super hot today though. I think I got sunburned a little bit. So conference was really good. We watched all the sessions over at the Ory's house. They are a sweet family. They are like the only family in the ward that does anything for the missionaries. There were a few talks that I liked but I likeed M. Russell Ballard's talk. Because during this past week I was thinking of how we can get more people to teach and I read a quote online from a talk...I can't remember who it was by but he said that if you talk to a few people you will baptize a few people, if you talk to a lot of people you will baptize a lot of people. So I thought I probably needed to start talking to a lot more people on the streets and stores and everything. Then Elder Ballard said something like if you want more investigators you need to talk to more people. So that was cool. I think I might try that out and see what we can get going. I really enjoy conference because it like spiritually refuels you. Before conference I was completely drained and then conference pumped me back up. I'ts crazy that I only have 1 more conference on my mission. Anyways this past week we had a zone training meeting which was pretty good but afterwards we had a zone volleyball tournament. It was district vs district. That got pretty competitive...even as a missionary I still don't like to lose. There are like 6-7 districts in our zone. My district did alright. We took 3rd place. This past weekend they had a parish fair. A parish is pretty much a county so it was a county fair so we spent a couple days at the fair trying to talk to people. That was probably one of the most awkward times on my mission. There were so many people and everybody was just staring at us. We stuck out pretty bad. We did end up talking to a few kids though so it wasn't that bad. Yeah there was a tropical storm-hurricane thing that was coming our way but it didn't do anything here. It was just a little windy. I guess right when it was about to hit land it died down a lot. So it wasn't that bad. Well that was pretty much my week. Just another week. That stinks to hear that Jaden still isn't 100% hopefully he will get better pretty soon. I don't think I need anything at the moment. I'll let you know if I ever need anything.  Just keep me in your prayers.  You al are in mine. :)  Love you!!!  Elder Willis :))

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