Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So were emailing on Tuesday. Yesterday the library was closed because of Columbus Day.  Isn't that like Canadian Thanksgiving? hmm...i wonder if Matt is celebrating his Canadian thanksgiving. Ha. So yesterday for P-Day we went fishing again. We have been doing a lot of fishing lately. We can't catch any fish though. We aren't very good at fishing. I went and bought one of those cheap kid poles at Walmart and tried to fish with that thing. It broke like 3 times and then I was done fishing. It was pretty fun though. It's still really hot here. They say it's supposed to get cooler this week. I hope so. I'm ready for winter to come around. Last year it didn't start getting cold until the last part of December. I actually think it was pretty warm for Christmas. Hmm...anyways this past week went pretty good. We had zone conference and it went alright. Sometimes zone conferences can be a little too long. We go from like 8 in the morning to like 5 or 6. With only like 1 break. We learn a lot of good things though. Our zone is very young. We have a lot of new missionaries. I still feel like a brand new missionary most of the time. It goes by fast. We still can't find really anybody to teach. We talk to a few people about the church but no one seems really interested. Everyone already has their own church. You can't throw a rock without hitting a catholic or baptist. The ward here is still the same. A couple weeks ago we thought things were going to start changing when we had a couple more dinner appointments. Now it's back to normal again with hardly even 1 dinner appointment a week. Yeah we eat cereal a lot. Most of the time I have cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner. It's probably not healthy but it's the easiest thing to make. We have a ton of cereal at our apartment. I'ts not bad because I love cereal. I don't think I have any vitamins. If you want to you can send me some. I bet Makenzie is excited for volleyball to start. I know that's probably her favorite sport. Oh this past weekend we got to play basketball with a ton of nonmembers. One of the youth in the ward always invites his non member friends to the church to play basketball. We probably play once a week. That's always fun. We play a lot of basketball. We haven't been back to the ghetto courts lately. They are probably sick of seeing us around anyways. We might try to go there sometime soon again. Transfers are on the 30th....So in a couple weeks. I don't know if me and Elder White are going to stay together. I might end up getting transferred. Who knows..? Well that's about all I can think of. I love you all and pray for you.
Elder Willis :) 

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