Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hope everyone is doing good. Sounds like Jaden and Makenzie are tearing it up in sports right now. So this week is transfer week and I got called and found out I'm getting transferred. So on Wednesday at the meeting I'll find out where I'm going. I have no clue to where I could be going. It's all a mystery. I think I'm ready to leave though. These past 3 transfers in Covington were rough because there was no work. So I think I'm ready to move on. It will not be fun getting a new companion though. Me and Elder White had some fun times together. So next week I'll let you know what happens. So this past week not much happened. I was sick pretty much all week. There was like a big cold front that came through so the weather got super cold real quick. That might have been what caused my sickness. But now the weather is back up to normal again. I don't know though but I was sick for a few days. We still tried to go out and try to do something but we didn't get too much done because i wasn't 100%. Yeah I got the package you sent. The way you named all the candy in it was pretty funny. I got a good laugh at it. Me and Mitchell and Ashlee all email or write each other pretty often. We keep in good touch with each other. You will have to tell Justin my email so when he gets on his mission he can email me. Maybe we will just start a big group email between all 4 of us. So last Monday i told you guys how we were down in New Orleans. It was sweet. I took pictures but I forgot my camera at the apartment. I will try to email some pictures next week. But we took pictures of the theater where the book of mormon musical was playing and people were walking by us looking at us weird probably because we were dressed up exactly like the missionaries on the billboard. Then while we were walking down by the downtown area some guy stopped us and told us he played one of the missionaries in the musical. So he wanted to take a picture with us. It was a fun time down there. Next week ill let you know on everyhing that happened if you don't somehow figure out before i tell you. Haha. I love you guys.
Elder Willis :)

This is the Ory family that took good care of Elder Willis & Elder White.  He had to say good-bye as he will be transfered this week.  Thank you Ory Family

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