Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sounds like you guys all had a fun spring break. I'm jealous of you guys. Those pictures turned out nice. Everyone is looking good. Everyone looks like they are growing and changing....well mostly Jaden and Makenzie. I did get the package you sent. Thank you. Those lucky charms are tasting pretty good :) Well not too much has happened this past week. I woke up on Monday morning last week with a sore throat and that lasted for a couple days and then I started getting a little headache and then for the past few days I have had a cough. I think it might be because of the spring weather here. Maybe I have picked up allergies since I have been down here.  It's not been that bad though. My comp tried to get me to contact the mission nurse but I kept telling him no because I didn't want her to tell me to stay inside for the day. So I wouldn't call her but he kept bugging me about it and finally I gave in. She just told me to take some medicine and something with lemon juice.  So I have been a little under the weather for the past week.  This week  our work has been pretty good. We got 2 new investigators from the other elders. They were teaching them but they were in our area so they gave them to us. One is 16 year old named Fernando. He is pretty cool. He is the only one taking the lessons from his whole family. So hopefully once we start teaching him for a while we can get the family involved. Then the other is a less active member named Omar and his fiancee Sarah. They live together so they need to get married before she gets baptized but she seems like she wants to get baptized. We had a lesson with them at our ward mission leaders house. The Cutshaws. The Cutshaws are like one of my new favorite families here. They just moved from Florida. I connect with that family really well. But they don't like Louisiana at all so they are moving back in the summer. Haha. Don't blame them. But those are the 2 people we are teaching right now. They both said they would be at church on Sunday and they didn't show up,. So I was pretty upset after church on Sunday. Oh and we also had another guy said he would show up to. He's not really an investigator but we visit him. He didn't show up either. So that was my week. Oh and something cool that is happening here at the end of April is that Gladys Knight is coming to Baton Rouge to do a fireside. I didn't know who she was before this but now  I know who she is. Maybe you guys know her. Everyone down here loves her. So on Saturday we had a meeting to help us get ready for it. Members can only go if they bring nonmember friends. It should be a really cool missionary opportunity for the people here. And the missionaries get to go so it will be cool to go to that. Anyways that's about it for this week. Oh and I don't know what I need for my b-day but I will be thinking and let you know. Love you all!!
Elder Willis :)

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